Vitrified tile advantage is what

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-04

ceramic tile & lt; /a> The best way is to learn, for ceramic tile bo changes a brick is so so, if it is the first time heard that bo changes a brick, ceramic tile small make up detailed introduce of ceramic tile bo changes a brick, will make everyone to ceramic tile bo changes a brick deep memory. Here small make up and then introduce the vitrified tile advantage is what?

1, colour is gorgeous, soft, no obvious color difference. And natural granite, due to the time of rock, rock the different shades of color difference is bigger. 2, no harmful elements. Granite is a natural mineral, buried deep in the earth's crust for a long time, without the high temperature sintering, therefore contain traces of radioactive elements, such as long-term exposure will harmful to health. 3, thickness is relatively thin, high flexural strength, with light brick, building load reduced. Low and the intensity of natural granite, bulky, and increase the load of the building, and will transport to bring a series of difficulties, the shop is stuck, etc. 4, the flexural strength is greater than 45 mpa. The granite is about 17 - flexural strength 20mpa。 5, high temperature sintering, im totally porcelain became mullite crystal, stable physical and chemical performance, corrosion resistance, fouling resistance is strong, is like new. Time due to natural granite, timber, such as different weathering degree and result in different density, strength, use two years later, gradually lose luster, rough surface wear, difficult to clean, affect beautiful. What is vitrified tile strength is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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