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Why Choose Matt Tiles?


There are many types of tiles, such as polished tiles, glazed tiles, rustic tiles, etc., which are the most common tile choices in the home. Many people will choose the surface to compare with the bright tiles to make the finish. They look clean and have grades, but they also have little people choose to use matt tiles to decorate. Is that tile that is easy to use with matt tiles? Is it suitable for use in the decoration of living rooms?

First, what is the matt tile?

The difference between a matt tiles and a polished tiles in one word also represents its morphological performance. Compared to a polished tile, a matt tile is not glossy, mainly because the glazed raw material is different and it is burned. It also requires higher temperatures, and the visual effects are very different.

Second, what are the advantages of matt tile?

1. The surface glaze of the matt tile is different from that of the surface glaze, and its light reflectance is also relatively small. If it is used as an interior decorating decoration, there is no need to worry about light pollution, and there is no need to worry about the room lights shining too bright. It is very helpful for us to protect our eyes, and it is also suitable for the decoration of a well-lit area.

2, the visual effect of matt tile is relatively simple, gives a very comfortable feeling, matt tile is also very convenient to maintain the material, mainly because of its unique texture of the surface, even if the Scratch will not affect the visual effect, And there are many changes in the type, color and shape of the glazed rustic tiles in the matt tiles, which are cheaper to match and decorate.

3, the most critical is the matte tile sintering temperature is very high, so its permeability is relatively weak, as long as we usually just a little clean like, do not bother to do deep cleaning.

Third, what are the disadvantages of matt tile?

1, the structure of the surface of the matt tile is also easy to dirty, so it is best not to be in the area where it is easy to accumulate dust, dirt, otherwise it is dirty if not clean frequently, and the surface of the matt tile is not enough Smooth, so it's still cleaner than polishing tiles.

2. The special visual effect of the matt tiles also leads to the limitation of its decorative effect, which is more suitable for the decoration of classical styles and the like, like the rustic tile is still relatively popular.

Fourth, matttile suitable for use in the decoration of the living room?

Like the living room, the area with good lighting and lots of lighting is still suitable for decoration with matt tiles, especially for the decoration of the wall, which is more suitable to create a warm, comfortable and natural home environment. Delicate elegance is a better pursuit of modern people.

The above is about the use of matt rustic tiles and matt tiles suitable for use in the decoration of the living room. The matt tile is actually a very good choice in home decoration, especially in areas with strong light, and very Environmental protection and no radiation, the finish is also good, elegant and low-key.

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