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Cement Tiles---A life Attitude


Art and the times are inextricably linked. Now the concrete floor and concrete wall in the 1990s are a trend that cannot be ignored.


Cement texture

Retaining the original feeling can let the whole space create a particularly relaxing, rustic environment. In this era of minimalism, cement is a good choice. The texture of concrete is simple and steady, original and modern. The cement gives a simple feeling but has a noble simplicity. It seems simple but more attractive than the magnificent ones. If it is matched with wood, it is warm and elegant.



Cement has a special texture. Although the room is all the cement walls, it is not monotonous. If you turn cement into tiles, naturally it is a cement tile. Maybe a depressing gray tone is the first impression on cement tiles. However, as long as they are matched properly, it can also show sense of beauty of home style. Cement is definitely not just loft style that belongs to the cafe.



Cement tileskitchen

The same kitchenware, under the background of marble tiles, everything is delicate. Once dressed in cement, the cold, lofty temperament arises.



Cement tiles & Bathroom

If you have a well-lit bathroom, then choosing cement tiles is correct. The white-to-light bath stands in the concrete room, does not need the essential oil or the fragrance, here it belongs to the Vintage industrial era.



Cement & other spaces

There is still relatively little choice of cement style in other spaces. Sofa and floor lamps, pillows and books, a cup of aromatic coffee, an elegant music, a quiet afternoon. Cement tile has no complex colors and plain tone itself comes with a minimalist temperament. No matter how it is matched, it is popular.

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