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2017 China Ceramic Tile Market Development


Tiles are ceramic products in the construction of ceramic products. According to different uses, ceramics can be divided into daily ceramics, architectural ceramics, sanitary ceramics, art ceramics and special ceramics. Among them, architectural ceramics are ceramic products used for building decoration and building components, and most of them are ceramic tiles. In addition, it also includes products such as ceramic sheets, architectural glass products, facing tiles, and ceramic pipes, but the market size and proportion are relatively small.

The main competition products of ceramic tile are wooden floor and natural stone (marble), which are commonly used flooring products in the field of architectural decoration. Among them, tiles have fireproof, waterproof, good anti-corrosion performance, long service life, easy to hide dirt, simple maintenance and rich shape. Characteristics, so it is widely used in home decoration and public decoration in two major areas. In the home improvement market, tiles are mainly used in the decoration of residential kitchens and kitchens, exterior walls, balconies and other areas. In the public assembly market, ceramic products such as ceramic tiles and ceramic tiles are also widely used on the floors, interior walls, and facades of public buildings such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, large-scale venues, and municipal projects.

Tiles can be divided into several major categories such as polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles and tiles according to their technological characteristics. According to the water absorption rate, they can be divided into porcelain glazed tiles and porcelain unglazed tiles. Non-ceramic glazed tiles and other categories. The tiles referred to in the market generally refer to porcelain polished tiles (that is, polished tiles with a water absorption of less than 0.5%), and marble tiles refer to a type of ceramic tile products with natural marble-like texture, color, and texture. It belongs to the major category of glazed tiles, and the microcrystalline tiles belong to the polished tiles. The glazed bricks and polished crystal bricks are more complex, have more appearance and more rich texture. The average unit price is generally higher than other types of tiles. Different types of tiles have certain differences in their application areas due to differences in their process characteristics and water absorption. For example, in anti-slip performance and anti-fouling performance, antique tiles are better than polished tiles, polished tiles are better than polished tiles; in terms of wear resistance, antique tiles are better than polished tiles, polished tiles are better than polished tiles, but in gloss In degree, polished glazed tiles and polished tiles clearly outperform antique tiles. Therefore, the polished tiles are rarely used on the floor of the kitchen space.

China's tile industry is concentrated in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong and Sichuan. In 2015, tile production in five provinces together accounted for 71.5% of the country's total output, of which only Guangdong's tile production reached 2.469 billion square meters, accounting for 24.3%. . Specifically, the four major ceramic building bases represented by Guangdong Foshan, Jinjiang in Fujian, Zibo in Shandong, and Jiajiang in Sichuan, as well as the emerging ceramic building base represented by Gao'an in Jiangxi, have gathered a large number of ceramic tile manufacturers, which are important in the entire industry. Location.

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