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How is the effect of wooden ceramic tiles?


How is the effect of wood grain bricks?
1. Wood grain bricks First of all, from the effect point of view, it is a high-grade ceramic tile with a wood grain decorative pattern on the surface. Its surface texture is realistic and natural, and it is more wear-resistant and does not fade than wood flooring.
2. The overall effect of wood grain bricks is good. It combines the excellent characteristics of wood floors and tiles. The surface is a layer of enamel surface with realistic wood grain pattern. It does not have the characteristics of water deformation, fading, etc. like the wooden floor. The opposite wood grain brick is wear-resistant, green and environmentally friendly, has a long service life and is relatively simple to maintain.
3. Secondly, wood grain bricks are a kind of antique bricks, most of which are matt bricks, so the anti-slip property is better, especially suitable for the families of the elderly and children, which can guarantee their safety. Moreover, wood grain tiles are widely used, not only in living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, etc., but also in every space.

What is the difference between wooden ceramic floor tile and wood floor?
1, price comparison
From the price point of view, the price of solid wood flooring on the market is much more expensive than wood grain bricks, four to five hundred per square, and the price of wood grain bricks is much cheaper, about 100-150 yuan per square. Moreover, the longevity of wood grain bricks is long, and it is no problem to use them for a few decades after the laying.
2, pattern modeling contrast
The pattern of solid wood flooring is more monotonous than that of wood grain bricks, while the pattern of wood grain bricks is richer in color and richer in color, so it offers more varieties of choice for consumers, so no matter what style is at home, Wood bricks can be matched.
3, maintenance care comparison
Finally, we compare from the maintenance aspect, we all know that the wooden floor is the most difficult to maintain in the floor material, so this floor material is more suitable for ordinary household use, its durability is weak, and its life is short. The wood grain bricks are different, and the wood grain bricks are well managed. It uses ceramic tiles as the main raw material and special techniques to create a vivid tile texture and texture of the tiles. Although it does not have the natural texture of wood flooring, its wear resistance and water resistance are very good.


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