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How much is Guangdong custom ceramic tile?


Custom ceramic tile price is now more popular, especially in Guangdong, where many families will custom ceramic tiles they like when decorating. How much does it cost to custom a batch of ceramic tiles in Guangdong? 

Custom ceramic tile price

According to statistics, there is no accurate answer, because each type of custom ceramic tile has different types, and the cost is different, such as full polishing, microcrystalline stone, polished tiles, etc. The prices of these types are different. It depends on which city you are customizing. It is recommended that you first go to the building materials market to find out, and then provide a more specific style to get a quotation.

The development trend of custom ceramic tiles

Overall space customization is a future development direction. At present, many manufacturers in the tile industry can provide some tile customization services. Consumers only need to choose patterns or materials, or communicate effectively according to their own ideas, and then they can carry out according to their own ideas. Custom tiles.

Custom ceramic tiles are mainly divided into two aspects, one is product customization, and the other is specification customization. At present, the ceramic tileproducts that can be fully custom are mainly background walls and decorative paintings. Some designs created by masters can also be custom according to the needs of consumers.

The wall and floor tiles mainly provide secondary processing and custom specifications. For now, it is still difficult to fully custom the wall and floor tiles. In order to let more consumers feel the custom effect of ceramic tiles, some enterprise distributors provide consumers with equipment such as vr glasses, and let people experience the effect of home improvement space through virtual technology.

As a professional ceramic tile manufacturer, LONGFAVOR believes that everyone is pursuing the effect of self-assembly, and consumers also want to participate in their own home improvement design. Therefore, overall custom tiles are a future development direction.

custom ceramic tile

How to buy ceramic tiles

1. First of all, when we buy ceramic tiles, we must observe whether there is a label on the surface of the ceramic tile to see if there is a label of the factory address, product name, size, quantity and production date, and after-sales service telephone. At the same time, it also depends on whether there is a 3C certified mark. If it is an indoor tile, then it is necessary to select some radioactive A tiles.

2. When selecting ceramic tiles, you should also observe the appearance of the ceramic tile, whether the surface of the ceramic tile is smooth and delicate, and crystal clear. We can put the tiles under sufficient light and observe the tiles vertically at a distance of about one meter to see if there are obvious defects in the glaze layer and whether the color patterns on the surface are delicate and realistic.

3. Also check the splicing effect of ceramic tiles. High-quality ceramic tiles will not have deviations in specifications. When purchasing, you can put the same batch of ceramic tiles on a flat surface to observe whether the ceramic tiles are uneven. The two tiles are close together. Observe whether there is a wide gap between the tiles. The high-quality tiles generally do not deform, and the surface is also very smooth and beautiful.

4. We can also tap the tiles gently with our hands. The sound made by the tiles is crisp and loud, which means the tiles are of high quality.

The above is the knowledge about custom ceramic tile. For more information, please contact LONGFAVOR ceramic tile manufacturer.

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