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Why large-size tiles are more and more popular


With the improvement of the quality of people's lives, people's requirements for ceramic tiles have also been increasing. The large-size ceramic tiles are simple and natural, which is popular with people nowadays.


The large-sized tiles can break through the aesthetic fatigue that traditional tiles bring to people and highlight their decorative effects. Therefore, people who yearn for a natural, simple, and comfortable life will certainly choose it.


Moreover, in the design of large-size tiles, because of its large size, it can have more texture elements. Therefore, the overall spatial pattern effect will be more complete and three-dimensional.


As for the paving process, large-size tiles are easier to pave, and there are not so many seams left, and it is not easy to leave dirt. It is also relatively easy to clean, which makes the overall effect looks] very clean and tidy.


Large-size tiles can also be cut randomly, which not only can save many materials but also can meet the needs of home decoration, combine multiple sizes, form different styles, and create more diversified space effects.

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