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What is Diamond glazed tile and its advantages


What is Diamond glazed tile?

 Diamond tile is a secondary burning super crystal technological product. It is an upgraded version of super glazed tiles. 0 water ripples, completely solved the problem of the traditional glazed polished tiles’ flatness. The traditional glazed polished tiles use soft polished technology, Compared with them, super crystal tiles use super-spars use hard polished technology and make the surface more smooth. Compared with the super glazed tiles, the diamond glazed tiles use the second-burning super-crystal technology and the second glazing process, which makes the glaze thicker, color more uniform, the surface’s color more smooth.



 0 Water ripple: diamond glazed tiles using the second-burning super crystal technology, ds crystallized glaze using multiple glazing process with 1180 degrees high temperature thermostatic second burning, completely protect them from water ripple. The product is harder and smooth, showing us perfect mirror effect.

0 pollution adsorption: The mature second-burning super crystal technology of diamond glazed tiles makes the tile base harder. The physical properties are more stable, and it is more difficult to absorb dirt. The unique 360-glaze technology makes the product 360-degree anti-fouling. It is still grace after a long time.

Great wear-resistance: After many glazing processes, the glaze layer is thicker than ordinary glazes, so it is more wear-resistant.

High-brightness: Diamond glazed tiles are glazing multiple times using ds crystallized glaze with better transmittance, which gives the product a higher brightness. The surface brightness of the product reaches more than 103 degrees. It shines like a diamond. They not only makes the application space brighter and more spacious, but also show us luxury.

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