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The 122nd Canton Fair (2017.10.15-10.19)


With the opening of the 122nd China Import and Export Fair (also called "Canton Fair") at Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Longways Building Materials appear on the Canton Fair 9.2 Hall Building Materials Museum. Since the first participation in the Canton Fair in 2010, Longways Ceramics has appeared sixteenth times in a row and appeared in the main channel of the Canton Fair. Low-key design style highlights concise and luxury of the company's products, which attracts many foreign businessmen to watch.

In the Canton Fair, FOSHAN LONGWAYS BUILDING MATERIALS CO.,LTD  occupied three booths, of which No.1 and No.2 display new products, competitive products and best-selling products. In this Canton Fair, we exhibited a variety of new products, such as Snow White, Marble Jade and so on to show ingenious high-quality ceramic tiles to the global customers, so that the global attention will focus on the skilled and advanced technology of Chinese ceramics.

With natural texture, elegant color matching, exquisite details and excellent performance, our products had attracted many foreign businessmen to stopped by. There were a lot of foreign customers directly negotiated about the order. Merchants gathered around our booth, showing a busy scene. According to research, this year's customer flow has increased over last year and the volume is beyond expectations.

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