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What advantage does solid wooden ceramic tile have?


Wooden ceramic tile is now a lot of families decorate one of like to decorate material. a lot of people like to decorate domestic ground with real wooden ceramic tile in the life. in the home shop installs real wooden ceramic tile to become the mark that reveals to decorate class even once. very necessary to the maintenance of real wooden ceramic tile. What advantage does real wooden ceramic tile have after all be worth so many people to choose?

The advantage of real wooden ceramic tile


1. Durability


Real wooden ceramic tile is processed by whole lumber and become. the real wooden ceramic tile ply on the market is unified now for 18mm. such ply ensured wear resistance. Until now. the solid wooden ceramic tile of many old houses in Shanghai is still firm and durable. it is a good example.


As it comes from natural wood. it is not radioactive and contains no formaldehyde. so it is not harmful to human body. Want to be the product that regular manufacturer grows only. everybody basically need not consider environmental protection sex. this one characteristic also is the reason that a lot of families value real wooden ceramic tile board. Natural lumber itself does not contain formaldehyde. but many small manufacturer make the paint quality that lacquer board USES not pass a standard. can cause formaldehyde to exceed bid.


2. Good feeling of feet


The laid solid wooden ceramic tile has very good elasticity. the person walks on it regardless of temperature. touch. foot feels very soft and comfortable.


3. Warm in winter and cool in summer


As a result of lumber thermal conductivity coefficient is small. make it is ground material so it has very good lukewarm action. be in especially cold winter. the person that is in indoor activity won't feel stiff foot. unlike aggrandizement floor to step on in that way feel cold.


4. Beautiful and natural


Wood is natural. its tree ring grain often gives a person a kind to return to nature. return the feeling of unsophisticated return true. no matter simple sense and aesthetic feeling develop a school of one's own. this is artificial floor anyhow the quality that cannot achieve.

wooden ceramic tile 

How to maintain the real wooden ceramic tile


1. Use semi-dry mop when cleaning. If the air in the home is dry. mop can wet a few or put a basin of water on central heating or with humidifier humidifier.


2. after laying. timely wax. In use process at ordinary times. wax every 3 months can. Often wax. can maintain the finish of the floor. prolong the service life of real wooden ceramic tile.


3. try to avoid the wooden ceramic tile and a lot of water contact. avoid wiping with acid. alkaline liquid. so as not to destroy the finish of the floor surface paint.


4. avoid sharp objects scratch the ground. do not throw cigarette butts on the floor or directly place too hot things. try to avoid dragging heavy furniture.


5. the floor is in use process. if discover individual floor to rise shell or fall off. answer to pick up the floor in time. shovel goes old glue and ash dust. besmear on new glue compacts.


How to choose real wooden ceramic tile


1. the choice of tree species: tree species of real wooden ceramic tile is numerous. have import material. domestic material. have precious flower pear. teak to wait. have general maple. oak wood. ash. sweet ba dou. cheap have fir. pine to wait. As a result of different tree species. material and price difference is very big. At present. the names of many tree species are freely named by importers. which results in serious different names in the market.


2. the determination of the size of the specification: the specification of the real wooden ceramic tile is: length 450-910mm. width 90-125mm. the standard thickness is 18mm. lower than this standard is non-standard board. non-standard board strength and stability is poor. From lumber stability for. floor dimension is smaller. fight deform better. for this consumer should choose slant short. slant narrow real wooden ceramic tile. its deform quantity is relatively small. can reduce real wooden ceramic tile to bend. twist. gourd gourd. crack. shrink. arch to wait for a phenomenon.


3. what is moisture content: moisture content is the most important factor that affects floor deformation directly. craze. the moisture content of bought floor board must agree with moisture content of local balance. General regulation. the moisture content of the floor is 7%-12%. the highest do not exceed 14%. when buying. must see examine report.


4. processing precision: with several pieces of floor on the flat ground assembly. with the hand touch. see whether the processing quality precision. finish is smooth. smooth. tenon. groove coordination. installation of cracks. anti-deformation groove assembly is appropriate.

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