Nowadays, many families use ceramic tiles to decorate the living room, bathroom, and the kitchen floor and wall. Users will pay more attention to the appearance when selecting ceramic tiles, thus neglecting quality issues. However, if there is a problem with the quality of the tiles, it may lead to water leakage on the ground. Therefore, the choice of tiles is very important. Many friends do not know how to identify them when they are first renovated.


How to choose ceramic tiles

Look at the appearance: The glazed glazed surface should be smooth and delicate. The shiny glaze is crystal clear and glossy. The matt glaze is soft and comfortable. With sufficient natural light or fluorescent lighting, the tiles should be placed vertically at a distance of 1 meter and no obvious glazed defects should be visible. Patterned tile color patterns should be delicate and realistic, with no obvious defects such as lack of color, broken lines, and misalignment. The shading and trademarks on the back of high-quality ceramic products are clear and complete, and there are basically no enamel traces or defects.

  1. Stitching effect: Good tiles usually have small dimensional deviations. Users can put a batch of products vertically on a plane to see if there is any unevenness. Looking at the flatness, you can close the edges of two bricks to see if there are any gaps. A good product will not be deformed. After laying, the brick surface will be flat and beautiful. In addition, the user can also look at the product's color difference, put together a few bricks together, under ample light to carefully check, the product shades of different shades of products, the overall effect after the shop is not good.


2.Percussion Listening: Users can gently tap the tiles and listen carefully to their voices. Better quality products sound crisp and sweet. Poor quality products are not properly used due to the raw material formulation, the firing cycle is short, the firing temperature is low, and the sound of “empty” sounds when tapped.


3.The amount of weight: The weight of a tile, usually the same size of the tile, a large weight of low water absorption, internal quality is also better.

4.Contrast varieties: Floor tiles are divided into glazed tiles and unglazed tiles according to the glazed condition. Glazed tiles are mainly used for floor decoration of bathrooms and kitchens, and are used in conjunction with interior wall tiles. Tiles are surface-polished to become polished tiles. If the water absorption of the polished tile is less than 0.1%, it is also called a vitrified tile. The surface of the polished tile is smooth and mirror-like and is a high-grade ceramic product

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