Villa tile wall color

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-07
About villa tile wall color is a lot of people are very interested in one aspect, the following is to arrange for you some information about villa ceramic tile wall color is tie-in, hope these information about villa tile wall color is useful to you.

a villa, exterior wall tile color

exterior wall tile color, red, gray and white with red paste ceramic tile roof, the location of the roof is very high, decorated with red, can make houses more conspicuous, and appear more dynamic, and most of the building facade with gray tiles paste, gray to bear or endure dirty, and able to bear or endure look, so both beautiful and practical, on the border of two sides wall paste with white ceramic tile, ceramic tile can appear the layout of the distinct, with the ceramic tile of these three kinds of color paste walls, paste the effect is good.

exterior wall tile color, blue is given priority to, the other two light color match each other on the roof is on the position of the blue, paste of ceramic tile, ceramic tile can be achieved the effect of the color photograph echo with the color of the sky, and give a person a kind of pure and fresh, casual feel, is the whole building looks is harmonious and beautiful, and then other parts of the wall can choose two kinds of light color series ceramic tile color paste, but these two color also wants to be coordinated and the above blue, such of the paste won't appear too drab.

exterior wall tile color 3, ochre and brick red color looks very general, but with the two kinds of color paste walls, the effect will look seem to be very serious, very stylish, and these two colors are very close to the nature, if houses around to plant some green plants, it can give a person a sense of return to nature, the colour collocation of small villa especially on the outside.

2, villa wall ceramic tile price

1, we all say the clothes make the man, so the house will certainly want to rely on external wall brick. The outer wall of the room is a mirror of the owners, and we Chinese comparison pay attention to face again. So, choose a suitable good exterior wall tiles is very important. We can be seen from the villa on the tile map, such as preferred Europe type style of the building exterior wall brick, rice white wall brick, collocation of European carve patterns or designs on woodwork with characteristic design. All show strong Europe type amorous feelings. Also can be seen from the villa on the tile map, its exterior wall tiles is different from the general, the size of it is size has changed. Is like this, there are more customized production, it is also a manufacturer in order to meet the needs of different consumers.

wall brick price: 28 yuan/piece.

2, this villa tile texture belong to the pure color, look stereo sense is very, the simple sense of concave and convex have send, although looks very simple, but also has the fashion sense, but it is not a modern city blatant flashy attachments, it is a return to nature experience, elaborated the true meaning of life. Because it is the beauty of the starkness, so bring a feeling of strong visual impact.

wall brick price: reference price for 55 yuan/piece.

sort out above is small make up for all the information about villa ceramic tile wall color is tie-in, hope these data can help to the owner's friends in need.

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