Thin stick ground tile process of knowledge sharing

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-28

thin ceramic tile stick method is only within the last ten years in the domestic cities phase in promotion of first-line brand company, but now at home or lower-tier cities do not much, but as the thin stick ground technology is more and more prominent, the advantages of ceramic tile is now close to more and more fire.

thin stick ground tile process, is relative to the domestic traditional craft of ceramic tile shop sticks. Thin stick method, the concept of the earliest originate in Germany, the basic characteristics of thin paste method is to use professional ceramic tile adhesive and tooth type, in the construction of grass-roots ceramic tile adhesive is first comb scraped into stripes, then shop sticks ceramic tile.

face under the thin stick ground tile process in detail introduction:

1, the material

is used when shop sticks ceramic tile adhesive, the water can be used directly, no longer need the ratio of cement mortar, the quality standard is easy to grasp, has a high bonding strength, construction efficiency is greatly improved.

2, technical level

because of its simple operation, trained workers can use ready-mixed shop sticks ceramic tile adhesive, efficiency is greatly increased when the shop is stuck.

3, process

in addition also need basic level processing on wall body and hair, to the flatness requirement of the ground is higher, generally need to leveling the ground, but it does not require of glazed tile immersion treatment.

thin stick process also has some other problems, is also due to all sorts of small problem of thin paste can not completely replace the traditional cement mortar way of ceramic tile shop sticks. But thin stick ground tile process is doomed to be gradually accepted by the public. Especially in the increasingly expensive prices with smaller and smaller units by the spatial pattern, believe that you will be more willing to use thin stick a way to get the space.

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