The whole body marble with a view of the scenery is the exquisite base makeup for home decoration!

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-04-25
Are you tired of being stuck in a life of three o’clock for too long? The slogan of escaping from the city has been chanted for too long, have you been depressed? Nestled in the unchanging home, Ge Youtan, are you feeling no longer?    You must know that, yes It's time to redefine your life! On the other side of the ordinary home life, have an exquisite and elegant encounter with the whole body marble!    There is no doubt that marble tiles have now become the largest leading category in the industry. To distinguish between good and bad marble tiles, in addition to price, color and other factors, there is a very important point, that is, whether it is full body or not. During the Foshan Ceramics Fair, although thin slabs, large slabs, and modern antique bricks have sprung up, marble tiles are still one of the protagonists, especially the whole body marble tiles. Various manufacturers have shown their tricks: they have made the sides of the tiles into arcs, For the polished display, there are various shapes of concave grooves on the glaze surface, and the whole body and non-whole body tiles are displayed together for comparison. In short, the whole body is becoming a major selling point for manufacturers and brands to display marble tiles to dealers and consumers. From the perspective of the evolution of marble tiles, the whole body can be said to be an upgraded version of the non-full body. Not only is it more like and closer to natural marble in appearance, but its quality and performance are also higher than the original ordinary marble tiles.   It is precisely with the development of the economy that people have more and more demanding and personalized requirements for ceramic tiles, and the decoration requirements for the living environment of homes have also become higher and higher, which led to the emergence of full-body marble tiles that are both internal and external.  The whole body marble tile is on the ceramic tile body, the color, texture, and function are infinitely close to the natural stone rock layer quality change effect, and the texture is more transparent. The entire tile body can achieve perfect texture presentation from any angle and any cutting method, achieving a real texture full body, high-end atmosphere and high-end!    Before the appearance of full-body marble tiles, many ceramic tile brand technicians have done a lot. Efforts and improvements, such as bleed ink and screen printing process, to make the tiles imitating natural stone very realistic. But no matter how exquisite it is, it just stays on the surface. Once chamfered in home decoration, the disadvantage of exposed green body appears, which leads to great limitations in the scope of use of ceramic tiles. With the emergence of whole-body marble tiles, this technical bottleneck has been a breakthrough. Because of the consistency of the texture of the outer surface and the inner blank, it is easy to deal with problems such as drawing grooves, chamfering and arcs in the later secondary processing. a lot of. The whole brick body can achieve the perfect texture presentation effect from any angle and any cutting method, so that the ceramic tile can not only be used as the main brick of the floor tile, but also can be widely used in stair steps, TV background wall carving, and living room wall chamfering. It can be described as omnipotent in the creation of various types of spaces such as kitchen and bathroom corners.  Whether it is European style or classical style, the whole body marble can be easily controlled. The whole body marble with a view of the landscape is a bright background color for home decoration. Therefore, choose full-body marble tiles for home decoration, high-end + practical u003d kill two birds with one stone.
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