The selection of ceramic tile in the kitchen

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-21
About the kitchen ceramic tile selected, most likely owner will know then. But for unified standard is not very good, here is the kitchen examples of image Mosaic tiles price, small make up to introduce some information about the kitchen image Mosaic tiles price, hope these data can help to you.

1, the kitchen to prevent slippery floor tile

the kitchen is home one of damp places, the ground slippery is very dangerous, so use prevent slippery floor tile in the kitchen. The surface of the body brick not glaze, and the positive and negative material and colour and lustre is consistent, hence the name. This brick after firing on the surface grinding, have very good skid resistance and wear resistance, namely general said & other Prevent slippery floor tile & throughout; 。

2, kitchen wall brick to moistureproof

most agree that the kitchen floor tile and wall brick can mix, actually this is the wrong cognition. Because floor tile is porcelain, and wall brick is ceramic. Not easy bibulous porcelain product, and the ceramics is different, it is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp. So choose bibulous rate at the end of wall brick, in case the metope of be affected with damp be affected with damp. Tip: the ground of toilet and kitchen should laid is bibulous the ground brick with low rate, because the ground often can use much clear water wash and brush, the effect that such ceramic tile ability do not suffer lunt, do not induct besmirch. Wall brick is glaze earthen, moisture content is higher, its the reverse side is compared commonly coarse, this also is helpful for bind agent affixing metope brick wall.

3, the kitchen ceramic tile is easy to clean,

the kitchen's oil, so often clean is also a must. If choose the ceramic tile is not smooth surface, like a Mosaic will have small cracks on the surface of the ceramic tile, clean up will be very difficult. Glazed tile than polishing brick rich colour and design, at the same time have the effect of antifouling. This kind of ceramic tile structure density, high strength, bibulous rate is low, the fouling resistance is strong, adornment is widely applied in the process. Glazed tile according to burnish different, is divided into two inferior smooth and light. Chinese kitchen are usually choose light glazed pottery, is a microcrystalline, prevent bacterial growth, by using inferior smooth glazed pottery, if oil into the brick surface, it is difficult to clean up.

4, tonal kitchen ceramic tile to coordinate

selection of kitchen ceramic tile color generally according to decorate a style is different. General recommendation choose light color fastens kitchen wall brick, appear the kitchen clear, clean, matching floor tile can choose brunet department, to hide a small stain. Or you can choose the same color, maintain unity. Moreover, you can also choose to fashion color. Mix one appropriate chooses contracted with complex, at the time of mixing, want to notice to imitation stone tile simple and complex, the collocation of brunet with light color. If it's contracted style, the color of the space should choose light color fastens, this time can match a little exaggeration, design and color is a bit complicated imitation stone material, ceramic tile can let whole space not by unified appears simple and empty.

that's small make up for all of the information on the kitchen ceramic tile of choose, hope these data can be more smoothly to complete to decorate a company to filter.

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