The kitchen ceramic tile ark how to design?

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-25

a long time, integral ambry is one of thousands of kitchen design and decoration first choice, but its true durability is limited, the price is not low. In recent years gradually into people's horizons ambry of ceramic tile is very popular, than the wooden cabinet, more money, and basically, bearing is not a problem, today, richie is to teach people how to design the ceramic tile of cabinet!

here are the ceramic tile of ambry production process:

1, contrast size

first we put the metal framework on the ground, look at the size don't fit right. On the ground are metal frame.

2. The metal frame installed in ceramic tile

and traditional ceramic tile ambry also is different, we use a metal frame, is very fashionable? We put the ceramic tile is installed in the metal frame, and then use glue to bonding between tile and ceramic tile.

3, the bottom support

under the supporting frame, can adjust the height of the.

4, installation and assembly

compared to traditional ceramic tile cabinets, metal frame the ceramic tile of ambry is metal frame is done first, and then put the ceramic tile is installed inside the frame, relatively speaking, operation more convenient.

then it is installed on the half way.

5, the installation of push-pull cabinet

there are layers of ceramic tile ambry ark of push and pull, push and pull ark is more convenient to use.

this is the appearance of after installation, isn't it feel good?

the inside of the push-pull cabinet structure, inside is slippery course hardware.

6, condole installation

in addition, there are condole ark and condole ark is not used to a ceramic tile, because be afraid of too heavy.

7, the installation of cupboard door

the cupboard door and then followed by the ceramic tile ambry installation, cupboard door to use wood panel of cupboard door, looking at very grade.

8), ambry mesa

then ambry mesa is installed, the master work is also more serious.

9, finished product reference

and then finally, for everyone to put out a product reference, feels and ordinary wooden cabinets are not much different from?

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