The ceramic tile manufacturer tells you the thing behind choosing ceramic tiles

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-05-03
In the composition of the decoration cost, labor and auxiliary materials are basically fixed. Take a 100 square meter house for example, the cost of labor and auxiliary materials are basically 10,000 yuan each. No matter how much you buy for the main material, the tiling is 35-42 yuan/square meter, the painting is 6-10 yuan/square meter, the hydropower transformation is 7000-15000 yuan, and the old house is about twice as expensive. Among the auxiliary materials, the price difference of cement, putty, board, glue, etc. is not much, so the difference in the control and effect of the decoration cost depends on the purchase and installation of the main material. All of these need to spend time and energy to compare choices, and cannot rely on foremen, designers and other people. Decoration is inherently cumbersome. I won't come to a long discussion and various professional terminology for the editor. Hehe, we only study how to buy high-quality and cheap real products. The manufacturer will not tell you what is behind the selection of ceramic tiles 1. How to choose ceramic tiles? The key to choosing ceramic tiles is: flatness, water absorption, and surface chromatic aberration. This is considered from the three perspectives of durability, safety and beauty. The flatness determines that the tiles are not easy to warp and fall off when the hollow drum is empty; the lower the water absorption, the density is enough, and it is not easy to fall off on the wall, and it is not easy to bleed, stain and slip on the ground. The chromatic aberration is mainly due to the production of different batches, which is also the most prone problem of inferior bricks. Different sites, differences in soil quality, embryonic body craft requirements, and fire temperature differences may result in differences in the color or quality of the brick surface. I think it’s enough to know so much about professional issues. Keep in mind three points when ordering ceramic tiles: the quantity is better than the less, the color number is checked clearly, and the return and replenishment method is set in advance. 2. How many tiles do I need to buy in my home? Generally, the walls, floors, and balconies of kitchens, bathrooms, and balconies need to be tiled. The bedrooms generally use wooden floors. The guest dining room can be determined according to preferences. The floor is recommended for small spaces, warm, and ceramic tiles can be used for large spaces. After all, it is easy to take care of and the cost can be controlled. some. In addition, ceramic tiles are generally used for floor heating at home, and the floor is afraid of being easily deformed. 1) First determine which brand of product is needed for each room and each place where you want to tile; 2) Calculate the area to be tiled. The method is very simple to multiply the height by the width. Area, the upper part of the aluminum gusset is not tiled, so do not reach the top of the height, just go to the position of the aluminum gusset; 3) The area value plus 5% of the estimated loss will get the final tile area to be purchased; 4 ) Calculate the area value of each tile by multiplying the length of the purchased tiles by the width; 5) The selling price of the tiles is based on square meters, and the price of each tile is also displayed. These two prices are the same, and the final order is The time is subject to the single-chip quotation. The manufacturer will not tell you what is behind the choice of tiles. 3. The color number of the tiles and the replacement of tiles of the same brand and model. If they are not fired in the same brick kiln at the same time, the tiles will have a color difference, and customers will not be able to see it without comparison. Yes, but if tiles of different batch numbers are pasted together, the color difference will be very obvious and ugly. Therefore, pay attention when picking up the tiles, not only the model number of the tiles should be the same, but also the color number of the tiles should be the same (the color number is generally marked on the packaging box). 4. The service of buying ceramic tiles requires that more tiles are ordered and it is troublesome to return the goods. If the order is less, the replenishment will be more troublesome and affect the construction period. If the special price is ordered, the inventory will be even more troublesome. The trick to ordering tiles is to be as accurate as possible. If your foreman level is relatively high, tell him the tile laying plan in advance and let him count the number of tiles for you. It will be very accurate. Most of them can't be so accurate. You will definitely have to return or replenish the goods. As mentioned earlier, set an extra 5% and make an appointment for the return method. Most ceramic tile merchants can provide customers with free door-to-door return and replenishment services. Their delivery trucks can also undertake the return and replenishment work, but most customers don’t know when ordering tiles. If you don’t ask for it, the merchant will not say of. It is very important for the merchant to provide you with a door-to-door return and replenishment service. Generally, it is free at least once, but also three times. There are a lot of tiles, so who will bring you upstairs? Some large businesses can provide a free service of moving bricks upstairs, which is also very valuable. According to the construction period, it should be set before the start of construction. The preparation and delivery of goods generally takes more than a week, just in time for the completion of the hydropower mason before entering the site.
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