Restaurant how ceramic tile color collocation

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-23

in the family is decorated in, the choice of the floor tile is not an easy thing, it is full of skill, people when choosing floor tile, should according to its regional, purpose, etc, make a different choice, so in the process of the family is decorated, restaurant how ceramic tile color collocation?

1, the black and white contrast can separate the function space. Single white metope can expand the space, and the ground using black and white and dichromatic collocation gives the impression that restore ancient ways, which is the elegant style of modern life, the complicated line is revealed to fashion, draw the outline of the dining room of a timeless classic. 2, expand the space natural sense of texture. From Iran's Sally Anna marble, known as 'm Huang Shizhi king' reputation. Texture delicate lifelike ceramic tile floor is rich and varied, the depth of the ups and downs reflected in feeling and simple sense, make dining-room do not fall convention, show the modern style of fashionable feeling, use ceramic tile to deduce life magnificent feast. 3, the ceramic tile of depth change practical stronger. Floor and walls of the restaurant are choose ceramic tile laying, both in terms of decoration or utility considerations are good options. The shades of brown design, for example, the color restoring ancient ways of of primitive simplicity, classic brown grain texture and rich nature, and anti-fouling to bear or endure dirty, practicality is dye-in-the-wood. 4, it is suitable for laying the same ground and wall tiles. Completely the ceramic tile of imitation wood, wood grain can be spurious is looking at the appearance, you still think this is a simple wooden floor. Delicate texture, woodiness is tonal, whether on the ground, or spread to metope is natural feeling. Wood grain brick can meet the requirements of wooden style on the vision, and achieve the purpose of saving on the cost. Restaurant how ceramic tile color collocation is introduced here, before you in choosing a floor tile, must to know its skills and that it doesn't come when selection dilemma, if also want to learn more knowledge can focus on our ceramic tile.

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