Dining-room kitchen ceramic tile cleaning method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-25

dining-room kitchen decorate floor tile is the most common raw materials, because it can reasonable moistureproof and waterproof, so it is more suitable for the kitchen in the restaurant. But sometimes with oil stains stains such as floor tile, so the restaurant kitchen ceramic tile cleaning the way of what?

before cleaning floor tile, can pour some detergent in the water or soap powder, can be reasonable to remove oil stains. Swab again, will work is divided into two times to clean up, the first time can use a wet towel, clean and tidy after use dry towel swab, keeping the floor tile dry mania, applied effect will be better!

a, restaurant kitchen ceramic tile cleaning method used detergent dining-room kitchen is very easy to catch a more oily be soiled, accidentally will be stained with oil stains, not only look very dirty, also hide a lot of germs in it.

at the moment requires clear of floor tile, the first to prepare a basin of water in advance, in the water drops into a small amount of detergent, it is to remove oil stains very easily. Second soap powder is also very good choice, also can have the practical effect to oily be soiled, floor tile will be clean up very clean and shiny!

2, dining-room kitchen ceramic tile cleaning method after the application of wet towel to err on the side in advance, can carry out the restaurant kitchen ceramic tile is clean! But be careful, the best is divided into two times for scrubbing, the first time can be used a wet towel or a mop. Some wet scrubbing up will be more tidy, can eliminate dirt and reasonable. Couldn't remove the dirt, can use detergent covered, use material is relatively hard towel to scrub, easy will eliminate neat!

3, dining-room kitchen ceramic tile cleaning method used the application dry towel dry towel to eventually be able to scrub, best without application of towel, and wet towel for cleaning the road before the difference. To ensure that the dry mania of floor tile, it is not easy to make the surface layer of floor tile excessive bright and clean. Second floor tile too wet, can let the moisture is invalid.

so in the case of cleaning floor tile to pay more attention to! Dining-room kitchen ceramic tile cleaning method, it is on this! Though

floor tile relatively durable, but more than usual attention to maintenance, clean up clean up case, must apply the appropriate way!

the last watch of thanks to you for our online information, see you next time!

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