Wipe out the ceramic tile surface paint process

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-25
About rooting out ceramic tile surface paint process is a lot of people are very interested in one aspect, the following is to arrange for you some information about the eradication of ceramic tile surface paint process, hope these information about rooting out ceramic tile face paint process is useful to you.

how to wipe out the metope paint:

1, remove paint, with hot caustic soda water immersion before shovel.

2, may be other local with cement mortar leveling, same as the dado ping.

3 original dado, as long as it is also good, can agree on them to remove paint the wall brick, use ceramic tile adhesive, do not have to cement paste.

4, then perhaps may just as well with curium paint glass do metope adornment, the original metope what all don't move.

5, good is beating wall. Don't want to be a way to knock also, it is again on the paint brush on waterproof paint, because waterproof paint and paint harmony, have adhesion. You can also use water means money that day.

6, make skin tender, burner or brush with paint remover. Method, the paint can use hot water to wash, to root out: after soften coating with metope with water first, same as the original architectural surface paint to root out, with a shovel knife from down to up to remove the shovel, remember is a shovel, a brief. 。 White workers will shave off, little things.

how to wipe out the metope paint metope paint construction process

metope paint construction process:

1, careful paint decoration workers, will the hardware also brush the paint, be careful before they paint, is there a post part of brief was painted some single tape, for hardware maintenance.

2, ever see before paint wood surface if there are no didn't erase the carpenter pencil printing line.

3, paint the walls and we will strictly control. Before brush metope lacquer to wall lining, general need three times, during which the normal time for 1 - dry 2 days. Because of the spring rain, choose QiangHui should be waterproof, moistureproof, prevent pulverization, mouldproof function, etc.

4, with a bottle to spray on the wall, every one or two when spraying a 2 or 3 times to metope completely drenched ( Be careful not to overdose, mainly metope water absorption, not out, prevent penetrate the wall) Door window, and then opened the surface wind table dry reoccupy after the shovel shovel.

sort out above is small make up for all the information about rooting out ceramic tile face paint process, hope these data can help to the owner's friends in need.

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