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Why should the tiles be soaked in water before laying the tiles? How to soak the tiles in water is correct?

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-09-15
I believe that many friends who have experienced decoration have seen the workers soak the tiles before laying the tiles. Many people feel very curious about this phenomenon. Want to know why tiles need to be soaked in water? Which tiles need to be soaked in water? How to soak tiles in water? Foshan Ceramic Tile Factory will popularize this issue. Which tiles need to be soaked in water? In terms of the water absorption rate of the tiles, the water absorption rate of <0.5% does not need to be soaked when paving, and the glazed wall tiles and floor tiles used in kitchens and bathrooms generally have a water absorption rate of more than 10%. It is necessary to soak in water (if it is a porcelain wall tile, the water absorption rate is less than 0.5%, of course, there is no need to soak in water). Why should the tiles be soaked in water? Tiles are soaked in water to prevent the absorption of water from the cement mortar, so as to avoid hollowing, falling off, or even cracks, especially for wall paving. Before the wall paving, the wall needs to be sprinkled. This is also the reason . Ceramic tiles have more or less pores. Soaking water before laying is to allow the pores to fully absorb water, while porcelain tiles are denser and have a much smaller porosity, which makes the water absorption rate very low. How to soak tiles in water? Since 'soaking in water' is said, all the tiles must be immersed in water. Generally, the construction party will prepare a large basin. However, there are also some irresponsible construction teams who pile up the tiles and pour water on them with water pipes. This can only soak the tiles and not make the tiles fully 'satisfied'. Various problems are likely to occur after paving. Improper soaking will cause porcelain to drop? When placing the tiles in the basin, the glazed surface must be facing up and the pottery surface facing down. If the glazed surface is facing down, the corners of the tiles will bump against each other and the porcelain will fall off easily. When the bricks are taken out of the basin, the ground should be padded with a packaging carton, and the ceramic tiles should be placed back against the wall with the glaze facing upward. If it is reversed, the sharp corners of the glazed surface will land on the ground, because the corners of the tiles are very brittle and easily knock off the porcelain. How long is the proper time to soak? Because different tiles have different water absorption rates, there is no specific standard. But the result is that the tiles are required to 'drink' the water until it stops bubbling. If the water absorption rate is high, it will take longer to soak. In the rainy season, due to the humid air, the time should be shortened accordingly; when the hot weather is dry, the time should be correspondingly increased. The ceramic tile manufacturer summarizes: soaking tiles in water is one thing to do before laying tiles, but tiles should be soaked in a few pieces. Do not soak all the tiles in water at once, otherwise the tiles that have been soaked in water are Those who cannot be refunded will cause unnecessary losses.
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