Why choose a big brand to buy ceramic tiles?

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-05-02
1. Why do you want to buy a big brand when buying ceramic tiles?    1. Big brands have passed the test of time and word of mouth. Big brands of ceramic tiles have been established for as little as a dozen years or as long as several decades. They need to experience strong reputation and public opinion supervision from old customers, so in all aspects It will be guaranteed.  2, big brands have strength and quality assurance   ceramic tiles require dozens of natural raw materials, through dozens of equipment, through dozens of harsh craftsmanship. Good tiles cost more. After the ceramic tiles are fired, they need to be inspected to remove the problematic tiles with glazed surface problems, brick deformation, and unqualified absorption. The selection criteria for good ceramic tiles are stricter than the national standards, and unqualified products need to be eliminated. Good ceramic tiles cost more, so they are more expensive! Big brands have big funds, strong research and development, advanced production equipment, and strict factory inspection mechanisms, which can ensure that the product quality is higher than the national standard!   3. Big brands can be held accountable if they have problems Big brands have advantages in scale and financial strength. As consumers become more rational in consumption, big brands are becoming more and more concentrated. Once there is a problem, you can find a big brand to be held accountable at any time. If it is a small brand, it may not exist in a few years! And the ceramic tile is used for decades, and the problem is often a few years later. For safety and protection, you must buy a big brand!   4 , Big brands have strong design and service capabilities. Ceramic tiles are semi-finished products that need to be designed and matched, and require correct processing, paving, and construction supervision. Big brands have a complete training mechanism and service system to ensure that your decoration effect meets your expectations. It can ensure that the design drawings are well presented. If you are greedy for cheap and buy tiles of other brands, the effect of paving them in your home may be completely different from what the merchant describes, and the consequences are very serious!    5. Big brands pay for each price, big brands, powerful, and there are specialty stores all over the country. It's more transparent, and you won't regret it if you buy it! The store of miscellaneous bricks may be here today, but not next month. When I got home, I was sober as soon as the cold wind blows, and I can’t find anyone if I go back to theory!   Second, why can’t I buy unnamed tiles?   1. Many unnamed tiles often have quality problems with bubbles and pinholes on the glazed surface, which affect the appearance; Polished tiles that are too tall are very dirty and will easily turn black after a long time;    tiles that are too light in weight are easy to break when they are thinner, and they are easy to be crushed when laid on the ground!     2, the main types of non-branded tiles ① normal sales products  ②The inventory of the product has been eliminated, the product itself is not easy to sell, and the design is seriously outdated;   ③Debt bricks, payment bricks, the quality is not guaranteed;   ④Broken bricks (factory closure, inventory Clearance), there is no after-sales guarantee;   3. There is no guarantee for too cheap tiles. There is no door-to-door housing and after-sales quality assurance, which will cause several problems:   ①You buy bricks and find that there are too many bricks. Don’t give up;   ②Buy tiles If there are fewer, I found that there is no original brick;   ③The tiles are broken or rotten, and the store doesn’t charge you a lot of money, so they don’t care about you, let alone compensation;   ④Many times you sell out cheap bricks and find that you have been waiting for a long time. Didn't deliver it to the house, only to find out that the money was paid and the store was gone!
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