Why can sell PVC tile too expensive

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-09

when it comes to current relatively popular in the ceramic tile, may be a lot of people have replied ceramic tile is PVC, the PVC tile is in the world today is very popular a kind of light body material, the varieties of the launch caused a great sensation, this small make up just what are the advantages to make a brief introduction of PVC tiles, hope that you are interested in! ( PVC tile)

1, thin and light. Now on the market only 1 common PVC floor. 6 mm to 9 mm thick, weighs only 2 to 7 kg per square metre. It bearing in building has the incomparable superiority and save space, can also be on the basis of the old floor, has a great advantage.

2。 Wear resistance is quite sufficient. PVC floor surface has a layer through special processing of wear-resisting layer, guarantee the excellent wear resistance of floor materials. Standard test results show that 0. The wear-resisting layer of 55 mm thick floor under normal conditions can be used more than five years, 0. 7 mm thick the wear-resisting layer of floor can use more than 10 years

3. Non-slip performance is superior. On the surface of the PVC floor wear-resisting layer has special non-slip performance. Compared with ordinary floor materials, this kind of floor have more astringent foot feeling, it is not easy to slip.

4。 Fire retardant. PVC floor itself does not burn, qualified PVC floor fire index can achieve B1 level, that is to say, the fire prevention performance is very excellent, second only to stone. And does not produce toxic or harmful gases with characteristics of interesting.

5。 Waterproof and moistureproof. PVC floor is mainly composed of vinyl resin, so afraid of water, as long as you don't soak for a long time, will not damage or moldy because of high humidity, if you live where it is to belong to that kind of easy to damp places, this kind of ceramic tile will be quite practical.

this is this issue about PVC introduced some of the advantages of ceramic tile, don't know whether you have help? Ceramic tile if you want to continue to learn more about newsletter, please continue to pay attention to our website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( PVC tile)

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