White ceramic tile texture of ceramic tile is clean

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-31
Ceramic tile clean of white ceramic tile map, many owners may not be familiar with, small make up recently happened to awareness of some information about ceramic tile clean of white ceramic tile map, for everyone here to introduce experience about ceramic tile clean of white ceramic tile map, hope can help to you.

how clean white ceramic tile

1, white ceramic tile, after a long time easily become dirt, can use muti_function decontamination creams clean. Place of ceramic tile aperture, should use the toothbrush dipped in first a few decontamination creams purify bilge, with hair brush a waterproof agent in aperture place again can, and can prevent ooze not only so that water can prevent mould to grow. For ceramic tile on the scale of soap can rinse with warm water first, make the black dirty part dissolves, use the brush to erase gently again. In addition, you can also use sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution, the drop in the face of brick, quiet place for a while after wiping.

2, if the oil on the white tiles or aperture is very thick, can use first shoveled, or with steel ball cleaning first. After being besmirch to thin, with saline or compounds dissolve detergent to clean. Do not make anti-fouling processing of white ceramic tile is in use to wax, wax of a general. Before the shop is to avoid the surface damage during construction, the application of woven bags and other items reach the brick surface cover.

3, white ceramic tile for the washing to remove rust available 2% oxalic acid solution, then wipe with water. Also can use 3 - After 4 grain of vitamin C tablets crushed into powder, and in ceramic tile surface, then scrub with water several times, also can remove rust stains. In the heavier oil paste on the white ceramic tile of oil pollution prevention stickers, gaps in ceramic tile using the seam an agent, applied to ceramic tile juncture place, already beautiful oil resistant.

white ceramic tile what

1, the kinds of ceramic tile on the market has a lot of, a lot of kinds of factors of the color of ceramic tile has a post processing. For a family to decorate beautiful sex and the need of decoration style, most of the time need to use white ceramic tile. Is not natural color, but white ceramic tile is made by some process, in the process of production, to increase the glaze whiteness, to add a radioactive zirconium kind of raw material, which creates a white ceramic tile sometimes have certain radioactive.

2, zirconium silicate itself does not have radioactivity, but some companies for the production of super white brick and excessive add, invisible to increase the content of other radioactive elements. But as long as it is qualified white ceramic tile, quality should be assured, as long as the radiation dose not to exceed personal dose limit, radioactive won't cause harm to human body, and popular said, B type ceramic tile on the health effects of the radiation is less than the radiation produced by cell phone.

that's small make up to you of some information about the ceramic tile of the white ceramic tile map clean, everyone if in doubt can also login our website to query.

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