White ceramic tile seam

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-30

must have many friends at the time of ceramic tile choice will give priority to some of the color is white or shallow pure color ceramic tile, but even more light color ceramic tile also is wants to do the ceramic tile seam, so this small make up to make a brief introduction of the white ceramic tile seam have what should pay attention to, and I hope it can help you! ( The white ceramic tile seam)

1。 Before to do the white ceramic tile seam, must first clean up the dirty things in the ceramic tile seam, or later will appear beautiful seam an agent with ground of stripping of circumstance, because if ceramic tile aperture is not clean, it will have impurities, and lead to the seam an agent cannot completely remove with the ground, when the time comes will affect beautiful, so be sure to remember to clean up the ceramic tile aperture, otherwise will affect a lot.

2。 Buy back the beauty of the seam an agent in front of some is not to be able to use, in front of about 30 centimeters are used to seal glue head, colloid mixed with white inside. So new to buy back the beauty of the seam an agent needs to look over the 30 cm white colloidal all play out, until the normal beautiful seam an agent can begin to beautiful stitch, otherwise will affect the outcome of the beauty of the whole seam.

3。 If your white ceramic tile is archaize ceramic tile, just not the same, to operate because of archaize brick surface rough, if we call directly on the seam an agent, the beauty of extra seam an agent is difficult to clean up, so we must first make a layer of wax or put a crepe paper on both sides of the gap, easy to clean up the extra beautiful seam an agent, can also avoid with a knife or a shovel clean beauty scrape floor seam an agent.

4。 The seam an agent is relatively soft, the early stage of the construction of solidification to is very simple, but it is easy to appear if encounter heat softening collapse, will affect beautiful. So before we sew in the United States it is best to use cement jointing process practice in gap, gap can set aside 2 mm. Especially in the kitchen cooking, often heat is higher, so the kitchen floor and wall tiles for beauty seam jointing, cement must be used first before it will be more beautiful.

this is a time when this period of beautiful white ceramic tile seam a few points to note, do you feel learned a lot of things? If want to know more related content welcome continue to pay attention to our website! Finally thank you for watching! ( The white ceramic tile seam)

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