White ceramic tile map

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-30

tile is never an easy job, if there is no good experience, Suggestions must find relevant personage to help! But this small make up or to go into more detail about the related questions of how white ceramic tile stick, it solve a lot of people wonder, and is the hope can help to decorate the little white! Hope I can serious finish see! ( White ceramic tile map)

1。 Alignment of the room is horizontal to stick

first say a the most fundamental, is the tile method, horizontal flat vertical uniform is the most basic way of the shop is stuck, common in northern Europe, wind tiles arranged like a board. Among them, the most important is, must use the beauty of black seam an agent, caulking, can show the distinct level, otherwise it will give a person a kind of cheap feeling, so the effect of the post will be a lot of, perhaps you still can ask down heavy stick! Such things are much more complicated!

2。 White ceramic tile stick method h

this new method is currently the most popular style, some artists inspiration comes from abroad. Because today is the Nordic wind of the world, everyone favorite h brick paved with rectangular bread. Both the kitchen and toilet, this kind of shop have a natural sense of design. Brick which first appeared in 1904, built in New York subway, specifications for application of 3 x6 inch rectangular white ceramic tile in the miles of subway station, now a lot of people call it 'the brick', or there is a lot.

3。 Herringbone stick method

in recent years, in this a piece of white ceramic tile shop sticks, herringbone stick method is one of the household design is very popular in, also more popular over the past two years, found in floor stick, can be applied to ceramic tile shop sticks. Herringbone has a unique sense of rhythm, only increases the difficulty of the shop is stuck, for the artificial cost is higher and higher today, the shop is stuck way can make the bricklayer's costs soaring, so although very beautiful, but the high fees or turned off a lot of people!

this is about all kinds of white ceramic tile shop sticks in current methods of all content, of course, most of them are from the inspiration of foreign people, want to know more about ceramic tile shop is stuck, welcome to our website.

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