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What problems are prone to occur in indoor wooden stairs? 6 tips for maintaining wooden stairs

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-10-14
Wooden stairs have become the choice of most people because they can give people a comfortable touch. However, as time goes by, wooden stairs are prone to breakage and cause some common problems. Let me introduce some common problems and maintenance tips of indoor wooden stairs for everyone! What are the problems that indoor wooden stairs are prone to occur 1. Easy to absorb water and damp. Wooden stairs are not only easy to absorb water and damp, but also other wooden accessories are easy to crack due to dampness, causing paint to fall off. In addition, stainless steel stairs equipped with wooden components will also rust because the wooden components are damp. 2. Wear-and-tear is prone to wood floors. Although a layer of light-curing wear-resistant paint is applied to the wooden floor, there is a time limit, and there is no guarantee that the paint will not fall off forever. If it is used for too long, it will still wear out. Secondly, the life of components such as stair handrails and treads, which are often in contact with human limbs, are also prone to wear due to frequent collisions. 3. Easy to breed bacteria and borers Based on the particularity of the indoor wooden staircase material, careless maintenance and weather factors can still easily breed mold, mildew or suffer from insects. 4. Easy to age Wooden stairs are sensitive to sunlight. If exposed to the sun for a long time, it will age easily and dry and crack. If it catches up with the damp, the wood will explode due to swelling. 6 Tips for Maintaining Wooden Stairs 1. Regularly clean the surface of the stairs. You can use a feather duster or wipe with a rag. Avoid using a lot of water to scrub, otherwise the stairs will easily enter the water and become damp. 2. Regularly wax and polish the door panel to extend its service life. As for the deadline, the editor recommends three or six months, but before waxing, remember to use a solution such as non-alkaline soapy water to remove the old wax. 3. In order to avoid premature wear of the handrails and treads of the stairs, a carpet can be laid on the stairs, which is beautiful and practical. 4. If there are stains on the indoor wooden stairs, you can use diluted cleaners or special wood cleaners to remove. If you encounter stubborn stains, you can use a cloth to moisten toothpaste, salad oil, etc., wipe along the stripes, and then Wipe dry, wax and polish again. 5. The scratches that appear can be wiped on the scratches with leather oil similar to the natural color of the stairs, and then follow the order of the interior wooden stairs material to wipe until it can cover the scratches, then wax and polish. 6. Avoid exposure Long-term strong sunlight, pay attention to frequent ventilation.
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