What problem should note the kitchen metope ceramic tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-01

decorating is a long and complicated process, ceramic tile shop is stuck is a meticulous delicate work, craft is exquisite, the level of construction materials, construction master technology has strict requirements, in decorate is also very important for the kitchen is decorated, must do a good job in every aspect. Small make up today is for everybody to introduce relevant knowledge about the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks.

1, the matters needing attention of brick of wall of the kitchen floor

wall brick quality requirements higher, inferior wall brick can lack the hidden cracks, flat-fell seam winding, etc. Choose wall brick should be to surface roughness of wall brick, verticality, smoothness and other important basis to measure. Should avoid to use without the wall brick of the brand. Different wall brick, give a person with different visual feeling. According to the different environment, adjust measures to local conditions, it is to choose the wall brick of the final requirements.

( 1) Laying order has exquisite

stick ground brick should be posted outside introversion, such as the ground slope or LouEr, according to the drainage direction to find the slope should be paid attention to; Wall brick should be spread stick, next to, to be beautiful, at the bottom of the brick should be attached. Wall brick floor tile pressure again after finishing, if it comes to the half brick, should as far as possible in the following. In addition, one side wall can't one on the top, to prevent ceramic tile weight is bigger, cause damage.

( 2) Spread before leveling

before the tile should be clear at the grass-roots level, such as with lime putty on metope, emulsioni paint, wallpaper and other decorations, or dirt on the ground, must clean up, otherwise the cement mortar and bond fragile at the grass-roots level; In addition, if there is a crack the wall itself, should be properly handled to tile, so as to avoid future basic structure cracks bigger result in the crack of the wall tiles or fall off; There is cement metope to hair, for flatness or vertical gap too much ground, metope, also with cement mortar leveling process.

( 3) Choose better quality cement sand

cement sand choice is the base of wall brick pavement project, if you want to have a good effect of wall brick shop is stuck, it must choose the high quality sand, only in this way can wall brick and wall body tight connection. We must see whether it when choosing cement sand have QS certification, see if it is more than or close to the shelf life. Had better choose river sand, sand is mainly because the river sand is larger, the water content of the paste is better.

( 4) Wall brick must fully soaked

wall brick are through full immersion in front of the shop is stuck, it is to give the hole wall brick absorb moisture, so that when the shop is stuck not easy to appear the phenomenon of empty drum, fall off, if there is no immersion directly to the wall, brick wall brick is likely to be directly to absorb the moisture in the cement, reach a certain amount of time, crack of wall brick even, this will be a lot of wall brick waste, and the quality of the shop is stuck is bad.

( 5) Brick wall brick construction requirements of the

the first block wall brick shop is stuck position to choose the right of the first block wall brick floor location determines the entire wall brick shop is stuck, so the first block wall brick shop is stuck position must be chosen. Otherwise, the full range wall brick will be warped.

will cut the wall brick in the corner of the wall brick of the position of the general cut does not look very flat, so the location of the best in the corner, you can also use the sealant which enclosed, this will not affect house decoration effect, on the contrary, if the shop is stuck in the obvious position, will influence the aesthetic.

according to the shop is stuck in the form of determining way of brick forms according to the shop is stuck to determine when the shop is stuck brick, such as a directional pattern, product according to the graphic direction should be in the shop is stuck, in order to get the best results. Pay special attention to, some texture brick is not obvious, for example: powder brick is also a direction, general workers of the shop is stuck not notice the details, will make metope desultorily.

about kitchen metope ceramic tile of laid of attention is to be here to introduce, in the process of laying ceramic tile from the choose and buy to install each step cannot careless, when the choose and buy should pay attention to accord with the requirement of kitchen ceramic tile to buy waterproof, prevent slippery, easy to clean ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of choose and buy cement stickup ceramic tile also don't ignore, hope these can help to bring you.

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