What kitchen ceramic tile maintenance method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-01

floor tile is an important part of the family is decorated, especially in the space of hutch, due to the function of the special kitchen, floor tile is often some fat, scale, soap scum and other stains pollution, cause not beautiful. So the kitchen ceramic tile to maintain what method is there? Let's learn about the details!

1, use muti_function decontamination creams

home floor tile often spotted, oily be soiled or soap scum like actually cleaning method is not necessarily very difficult, in order to keep the floor tile when cleaning can clean and no damage to the magnetic surface smooth, can use muti_function decontamination creams, get a useless toothbrush dipped in taking a few decontamination creams to remove dirt, also can dip in with the brush MAO take a waterproofing agent, Floor tile aperture place) Will ooze water, prevent, still can prevent mould to grow.

2, hearth of cleaning the floor tile on the back because in the middle of the kitchen space, often cook will apply to the hearth, often with oil, so behind the counter a candle this kind of situation will be used for cleaning, floor tile juncture place behind the counter, besmear brushs candle from vertical to horizontal, and the thickness of the floor tile is flat last in condensation, so even with the oil into, just quietly is swabbed can.

3, 'mask' to floor tile

can take a piece of tissue on the floor tile, spray a little on the floor tile detergent again put on hold for a moment, detergent is not only won't drop to everywhere, and can come up all sticky oil dirties. Just tear up tissue, scrub with a clean dishcloth dips in water, the floor tile can look brand-new.

4, floor tile maintenance start from the usual

the kitchen used up every day, everyone will carry on some simple cleaning, this can reduce the work and reduce the operation difficulty. Oil pollution range than their smaller because of them, and the degree is not big, the usual small planning oil, can be used to clean out the old toothbrush, such not only clean, and in terms of energy. In addition, more difficult to clean tile seam, can also use an old toothbrush to clean, because small toothbrush can probe into the gap, deep cleansing.

5, the use of candles in the maintenance of floor tile layer

because the candle of the surface is smooth, even if the above on the oil, just a cloth gently wipe the candles will be clean. Then clean floor tile and floor tile juncture place smeary, only need to use general detergent normal is swabbed can.

what about the kitchen ceramic tile maintenance method of relevant knowledge, small make up to be here to talk about today. Hope you can help to you, wants to learn more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to us.

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