What kind of ceramic tile kitchen proposal

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-01

the kitchen is the place of heavy oil, we generate a lot of smoke and steam when cooking, so want to pay attention to the ceramic tile, so the kitchen advice what kind of ceramic tile?

: body brick because bibulous rate is lower, wearability is widely used in the kitchen floor. The surface of the body brick not glaze, and the positive and negative material and colour and lustre is consistent, good skid resistance. Prevent slippery brick: most prevent slippery brick belongs to connect body brick.

rough surface, anti-slip coefficient is high, the kitchen under the condition of ground water is not easy to fall. And prevent slippery brick body brick because do not have glaze, so tend to be simple but elegant color, the color light, suitable for kitchen where the space is little easy to suppress. The surface of glazed pottery, brick after glazing high temperature and high pressure fire processing of ceramic tile. Because the surface glaze, glazed tile anti-fouling ability, seepage control, have lampblack of the kitchen for easy to had not suited most.

in addition, glazed tile color and pattern are very rich, can do all sorts of decorative pattern and design, meet the demand of all kinds of decoration. And glazed tile has a thermal shock resistance properties, and the kitchen where the fire is the most suitable. The shop kitchen, polishing brick is not recommended because the brick level is relatively lower than other floor tile in appearance, like glazed tile colour and design is relatively more, many users will choose.

in a variety of floor tile, the polishing brick is not recommended in the kitchen. Polishing brick in the water is not prevented slippery, very easy to slip into, whether adults or children are not safe. Suggest what kind of ceramic tile kitchen is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on our knowledge.

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