What kind of ceramic tile kitchen

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-12

ceramic tile in the decoration of great status, how to choose, how to match in the variety, quality of ceramic tile on the market is particularly important. So it will never do to buy ceramic tile just see yan. So how do we choose to suit his needs of ceramic tile, what kind of ceramic tile kitchen?

1, decorate the ground to prevent slippery ceramic tile kitchen at the time of use to avoid contact with water, the ground was wet often happen, when the floor tile prevent slippery is particularly critical. So the kitchen when selecting a floor tile must pay attention to whether the floor tile prevent slippery, prevent slippery floor tile is not so important toilet, kitchen but it's also cannot be ignored.

2, kitchen decorate metope ceramic tile to moistureproof the metope of the kitchen also do the waterproof layer, in principle is in the place where water often need high waterproof layer, and the rest of the waterproof layer can be slightly lower, but also must do. Because the kitchen is very humid, water vapor is bigger when decorate to do the waterproof layer, at the same time to choose ceramic tile moistureproof the glazed tile with good effect.

3, decorate the kitchen ceramic tile to though will install oil absorption, easy to clean the kitchen lampblack machine is obviously not enough, however, plus the area between the hearth and lampblack machine anyway have oil, so want to choose the ceramic tile is easy to clean when decorate, such as glazed tile polishing brick, etc.

4, kitchen decorate ceramic tile to the integral color that is harmonious and unified the kitchen had better in beige that light color fastens is given priority to, avoid is used a red and black. So should pay attention to when choosing the kitchen ceramic tile ceramic tile and the style of whole kitchen harmonious and unified, the best choose of the same color. If the owners do not catch a cold that light color fastens, also can choose in parts of the contrasting colors of light color, color contrast, the two complement each other.

5, small kitchen decorate ceramic tile to specifications multi-cores door model the kitchen is small, so the kitchen if you use the ceramic tile of large size will appear very crowded, so the smaller kitchen also had better choose small size ceramic tile, the ceramic tile can have certain visual extension function, also reduced the ceramic tile cutting frequency, reduced the waste, save the cost.

on the choice of kitchen ceramic tile must choose according to the demand for the life that occupy the home in the future, everything is given priority to with practical, beautiful and nice is complementary, so as to decorate a qualified kitchen. What kind of kitchen ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on our knowledge.

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