What is the difference between the bo changes a brick and tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-02

is polycrystalline material, ceramic tile is mainly composed of countless particles grade of quartz grain and mullite grains constitute a space truss structure, the crystals and vitreous body with high strength and hardness. Copy

bo changes a brick with a natural stone texture, texture are 2113 well density, high strength, stable chemical performance, but also has a high degree, high hardness, high wear resistance, bibulous rate is low, less color.

bo changes a brick and tile has high similarity in appearance, 5261 commonly used wall ground is decorated, the difference between the two is:

bo changes a brick and tile, ceramic tile glaze color pattern will be a little more.

due to bo changes a brick with a higher hardness, so its bibulous rate is much lower than the ceramic tile, if the glass brick is used as the wall brick, 4102 will be easy to appear fall off phenomenon, so do wall brick in ceramic tile is better.

all glazed ceramic tile will be set after multiple working procedure of a fully polished 1653 meter, tile texture will be more beautiful, and its price is higher than the price of bo changes a brick.

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