What is the cause of the ceramic tiles falling off or falling off?

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-04-26
In today's society, many families have tiled their homes both inside and outside for cleanliness and tidiness, but sometimes the problem of porcelain falling occurs after using it for a long time, and the ground or wall looks pitted, which greatly affects the room’s appearance. The aesthetics can even affect people's walking, making people uncomfortable. what is the reason behind the scene? Let the editor analyze and analyze for everyone! Why does the ceramic tile appear to fall off? Of course, the first thing that 90% of the owners think of is the poor quality of the tiles. Quality is indeed one of the “culprits”. For example, some small factories used to paint and burn the polished tiles in order to make the tiles look better. If the paving space is wet, problems will soon occur. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of ceramic tiles, you must be cautious when buying bricks and picking bricks. However, ensuring the quality is not the same as everything is going to be good. Environmental factors such as paving errors, temperature and humidity may also be the cause of the glaze loss of the tiles. ●Construction factors The time for tiles to be soaked in water before paving is not enough or too long, or when the tiles are laid, the workers are not at home, and the tiles and cement are not compacted or the tiles are not laid tightly, which will reduce the adhesion of the tiles; Inconsistent mortar density can also cause problems such as hollowing or falling off of the tiles. ●Human factors ceramic tiles will suffer from a large amount of impact, such as hard objects hit or vigorously stepped on, which will cause porcelain to fall off. ●If the environmental factor is the place where water is exposed, in winter, moisture will penetrate between the glaze layer and the germ layer, and then when the moisture freezes, it will expand, and the glaze layer will be peeled off. The solution to the ceramic tile loss The ceramic tile is lost, and see if it is part or more to determine whether it is a quality problem. You can contact the brand merchant as soon as possible. If it is a quality problem, you can arrange for the merchant to come to check and deal with it. It can be dealt with in the following ways. ●1. If the mortar is not loose and only the tiles fall off, scrape the mortar on the back of the tile and the surrounding mortar, add a little cement to the 107 glue to make a paste, and apply a thin layer evenly on the back of the tile. Layer, press the tiles to stick firmly later. ●2. If the mortar and the ceramic tiles fall together, first lightly dig some pits on the original foundation surface, then re-mount with 107 glue mixed mortar, or use cement, E-44 epoxy resin, acetone, ethylene dichloride Amine (available in chemical stores) is mixed in a ratio of 5:3:2:1, and then a layer is applied to the foundation surface with a brush, and then the fallen tiles are pressed up until the mortar hardens. ●3. The work of large area of u200bu200bporcelain needs to be removed and re-attached, and the method of replacing all tiles is adopted. This will have a good overall effect, otherwise it will cause disharmony between the tiles. After reading the above summary, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding and understanding of the causes of ceramic tile falling, and also knows how to solve this problem. However, it should be reminded that if the ceramic tiles are only partially peeled off, you don't have to hit the mortar on the foundation surface hard, otherwise the original solid tiles around you will be shaken, which is not worth the loss.
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