What is special ceramic tile in the kitchen

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-03

is an office worker can work in kitchen cooking food, after that time can not only meet people's physical needs, but also can let a person get express the pressure, so people pay attention to the kitchen decorate very much. When the kitchen is decorated decorate floor is unable to avoid. What is so special kitchen ceramic tile?

choose inferior smooth ceramic tile ceramic tile kitchen choose smooth or inferior smooth glazed tile, make it more convenient cleaning, can also be fashionable effect

. Want to know, the floor tile material is the best choice of dumb smooth surface, to reduce the risk of easy to slide the kitchen floor to the skidding. Kitchen and toilet water vapor, should not be mixed with the wall brick and floor tile, wall or floor tile should not firmly, wall brick on the ground when using, because too much water is not easy to clean. Choose to prevent slippery ceramic tile in the kitchen or bathroom tiles is the best choice to the ceramic tile with low water imbibition, because the kitchen or bathroom floor are most likely to appear a large number of moisture, and often use water to clean, so the best choice for low water absorbing water brick.

choose brick floor tile when had better choose the whole body. Because there is no glaze the surface of the brick, brick of the front and back the same as the material and color, the brick is the least slide if you want to on the wall of the kitchen ceramic tile, best choice glazed tile. Because the color brighter than polishing brick, brick pattern is also more, and the decontamination effect is very good, so is especially suitable for the kitchen.

and the ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, the intensity is high, can also prevent bacterial growth. Small kitchen choose ceramic tile for the kitchen area is not particularly big, the use of large size floor tile can be very crowded. Use light color floor tile of small size, on the other hand, can produce unexpected effect, and have the effect of enlarge a space. Small kitchen choose ceramic tile is also a need to pay attention to details. Special kitchen ceramic tile what are introduced here, everyone on what to choose floor tile to decorate your own kitchen has his own ideas.

but from extensive extent, the current consumer choice laid the material or give priority to in order to prevent slippery ceramic tile in the kitchen. Certainly can not ignore that occupy the home security.

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