What color of ceramic tile is suitable for kitchen

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-11

the lampblack of the kitchen and stain very much, so most families in order to facilitate clean sanitation, metope ceramic tile in the kitchen. So what color is suitable for ceramic tile the kitchen?

1, light color, and cold tonal give priority to the kitchen space belongs to the high temperature environment, choose the color of ceramic tile best is given priority to with light color and cool color to move, such as pink, light green, light gray color. Such colour can make a person under the condition of high temperature to feel the breath of spring and cold, and the light in expanding can feel the space outspread, avoid brunet attune in narrow space makes people feel dull and depressing.

2, white, the kitchen is the place that people's cooking, is also part of the family meal when place, if the color of ceramic tile is too dark, can make the person produces visual exhaustion. Easy to cause people loss of appetite. So the kitchen ceramic tile color can choose white, white can better understand to your kitchen health condition, so that timely clean, also can avoid the noxious gas in the kitchen and soot accumulation damage people's health for a long time.

3, pale yellow of the kitchen is the place that most lampblack, even in the home clean, cook, also hard to avoid can have lampblack matter falls on the ground. For a long time, ceramic tile may be yellow. So it is recommended to use yellow or orange.

4, pure pure lake blue lake blue metope, let a person working in the kitchen, like place oneself in a quiet lake and fresh after hutch ark and tableware on deck, can let you in the kitchen cooking more relaxed mood. What color is suitable for kitchen ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on our knowledge.

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