What are the vitrified tile selection method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-03

are integral to each family will have old person or child, so in terms of the choice of the floor tile is more strict, needs to be prevented slippery, and vitrified tile just fit the bill. Vitrified tile with tonal noble elegant, simple sense, stable performance, high strength, wear resistance, low water absorption, acid and alkali resistant, and the advantages of small color difference characteristic, then the vitrified tile ways are there to pick?

1, see: basically be to see vitrified tile surface luster bright, do you have any scratches, discoloration, leakage, leakage defects such as grinding, lack of edge, lack of foot. See bottom embryo trademark tag, normal manufacturer production products have clear product brand mark in the bottom of embryo, if there is no or special fuzzy, suggestion carefully. 2, phase modulation, is finally feeling, the same specification product, good quality and high density of brick feel quite heavy, on the other hand, the quality of products to be feel lighter. 3, listening: knock vitrified tile, if the gravelly voice echoing long as percussion sound of bronze, the high degree of vitrified, wear resistance, high flexural strength, bibulous rate is low, not easy contaminated, if the voice dumb, the low degree of vitrified, poor abrasion resistance and low flexural strength, bibulous rate is high, easy to contaminated. 4, quantity: vitrified tile side length deviation + 1 mm advisable, crural line deviation of 500; 500 product + 1. 5mm,600; 600 product + 2 mm, 800; 800 + 2 products. 2 mm, if beyond the standard, on the adornment result that you will produce great influence. Diagonal size best method is to use a very thin line straight along the diagonal measurement, see if there is a deviation. 5, try: one is the shop, in the same model and same quality within the scope of random sampling in the different packing product several try laying on the ground, stood 3 meters away look carefully, check whether the product color difference is obvious, brick and tile gap between is straight, chamfering is uniform, 2 it is to try the foot feels, the slide is not smooth, pay attention to test whether the vitrified floor tile prevent slippery don't add water, because more water will be more dry feet. What are vitrified tile selection method is introduced to here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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