What are the restaurant ceramic tile color collocation method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-23

a variety of business and a variety of ceramic tile makes many consumers choose too dazzling, and restaurant water is inevitable, especially families with children and old people should pay attention to prevent slippery, today said the restaurant ceramic tile color collocation method have?

1, first decided to decorate material to consider color again, this is because some material is colored don't need.

2, color choice to start from the part of the area is large, will first consider the ceiling in the restaurant. Metope, ground, in the large part of the color of the set and then consider to choose is the eat desk and chair and the collocation of color.

3, use similar color as far as possible in the restaurant, too much bouncing colour collocation can make the person feel discomfort in his heart, on the contrary, similar color, has a sense of coordination, more easy to accept. Among them such as yellow and orange these tall lightness and lively colour, will bring the sweet sweet feeling to the person, and can stimulate appetite very well.

4, colour shoulds not be too multifarious in restaurants, with two to four kinds of color advisable. Because color too much, can make the person produces clutter and agitated feeling, affect appetite.

5, the color between mutual echo will be more harmonious, form a unique style and emotional appeal.

6, and other functions, the color of the restaurant also want to consider to the change of the seasons, different season for the requirement of the color is not the same.

what restaurant ceramic tile color collocation method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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