What are the reasons for the hollowing of ceramic tiles and floor tiles

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-04-22
What are the reasons for the hollowing of ceramic tiles and floor tiles? When we are laying tiles, we will find that sometimes the tiles and floor tiles will hollow out, so today I will tell you what are the reasons for this phenomenon. 1. Use cement mortar with insufficient cohesive force to pave the tile floor tiles, or the proportion of cement mortar for paving tile floor tiles is improperly configured, or the poor quality of cement mortar causes poor durability and forms a hollowing phenomenon. This hollowing phenomenon can easily cause high-position tiles Falling, flat floor tiles hollowing out will cause water on the floor area or accumulation of debris, affect the ground environment and eventually cause the floor tiles to lift and fall off. a: If the cement mortar contains too much moisture, the moisture will easily form some cavities during the drying process, so that the tiles or floor tiles cannot be well adhered to the surface of the base layer, resulting in hollowing; the water absorption rate of the tiles is too high or too low. It will cause the tiles to hollow and fall off; b: In order to save costs and cut corners, some construction workers only use cement mortar on the four corners of the tiles or floor tiles. Over time, the adhesion is not firm and the hollowing is caused; c: tiles and There is not enough gap between the tiles. After causing the environmental temperature change or thermal expansion and contraction, the tiles will squeeze each other to cause the hollowing phenomenon of arching; 2. The improper selection and use of tile glue will cause the hollowing of the tile and floor tiles: a: different tile glues indirectly affect their differences Condensation effect of tiles. Each type of tile has a corresponding tile glue, so when choosing a tile glue, you need to choose which type of tile you are laying. Choose the appropriate tile glue to stick different ones according to the water absorption, size, and function of the tile. Corresponding tiles, do not choose to use expired tile glue or mixed tile glue; b: improper use of tile glue causes empty tiles and floor tiles mainly due to the following improper behavior: 1) Put the tile glue in a bucket with water and place the tile glue on Manual mixing with a shovel on the ground, mixing with a shovel; 2) The use of a scraper of different sizes causes uneven thickness of the scraped tile glue glue, no glue on the back or insufficient bonding area, do not knead the tile and floor tiles hard, and it will not wipe. Well-proportioned, under-filled scraper will cause a series of problems: the edge position of the floor tiles is easy to hollow with the wall, the tiles will fall off in the long-term wet and cold natural environment, the floor tiles do not need to be kneaded, the glue is not stable, etc.; the above is the above. The editor has sorted out the reasons for the hollowing of the ceramic tiles and floor tiles, and hopes to bring you some help.
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