What are the precautions for the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-15

we all know the importance of the kitchen ceramic tile, a good ceramic tile can bring us a very important role, also need skill and ceramic tile shop is stuck, so what are the precautions for the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks?

( A) Attention, metope ceramic tile of the shop is stuck

1, the basic level processing, shall all be clean up all kinds of dirt on metope, water wet and the day before. Such as base for the new wall, cement mortar seventy percent when, should be making brick, spring wire, sticks towel wall brick.

2, tile paste before have to soak in clear water, will be subject to brick don't bubble, take out to dry.

3, spread glue in pipeline, switches, lamps and lanterns of bathroom equipment support, etc. , must be consistent with the whole sets of brick, together with a whole brick paste is prohibited.

( 2) Attention, floor tile shop is stuck

1, the ceramic tile to submerged half day before use, bricky system still prevail.

2, kitchen, bathroom should have running water slope, no water, water will not put back the clock. During the construction of the destruction of the waterproof layer, must do the waterproof processing, water test without leakage.

3, floor tile laying is completed, to cover the tile with cardboard and so on, and at least one day before they can walk on the surface of the brick.

what are the precautions for the kitchen ceramic tile shop is stuck is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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