What are the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-16

the kitchen is more common in our daily life, when we decorate the kitchen will be a ceramic tile shop is stuck, here small make up is how many ways are there to introduce the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks?

before the shop is stuck: 1, hutch defends floor tile specifications should not be too big, too much specifications whole feels not harmonious, at the same time is not convenient to the ground floor drain installation. General hutch defends floor tile to 300 * 300 or 330 * 330 specifications of the majority.

2, before the shop is stuck doing brick, try not to appear less than a third of a narrow column. It must be processed cutting, ceramic tile after cutting with the rest more than two thirds of the advisable.

3, before the shop is stuck, the ceramic tile to hutch defends wall everywhere use again for confirmation, to prevent the confused hutch defends ceramic tile, lest produce kitchen ceramic tile shop is stuck to the errors of toilet.

4, toilet before shop sticks ceramic tile of metope to do waterproof processing, if to stick wall brick after first to stick floor tile, need to do it again in front of the tile closed water test, the best ground to be waterproof.

5, before the shop is stuck, remember pipe wall ground wire line, had better go keep circuit, sea chart, so that the need of maintenance convenient search in the future.

6, if you choose to waist line kitchen ceramic tile and tile, want to consider the location of good tile waist line, waist line in ambry ark along for good, tile paste position to consider cabinets accessories, the position of the machine, do not install in obscured when these objects. Affect the overall coordination and beautiful.

when the shop is stuck:

7, paste, hutch defends the cement in the ceramic tile using label for 425 # cement, the mixing ratio of cement sand don't more than 1:3, the cement content is overweight, can because of the high coefficient of expansion of cement and cause the cracking of ceramic tile, reduce the service life of ceramic tile.

8, hutch defends the glazed wall brick if using cement mortar as adhesive, ceramic tile to the shop is stuck, after bubble water bubble water after soaking time in ceramic tile completely without risking bubble time advisable, generally for 30 minutes.

9, the shop is stuck, hutch defends whether belong to the seamless brick, ceramic tile must be seam, suggest not less than 1 mm, ordinary wall brick with 1, 5 & ndash; It is advisable to 2 mm, archaize brick gap can widen the appropriate.

10, hutch defends the floor height of the wall brick is higher than the height of the ceiling, is generally not less than 10 centimeters advisable.

11, pay attention to the texture of ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile, do long grain brick, tile waist line is to pay attention to the direction of the positive and negative direction, don't put down, brick and tile waist line texture and texture.

after the shop is stuck:

12, jointing need in ceramic tile of the reentry after dry solid is advisable. It is advisable to generally within 24 hours after.

13, ceramic tile after the shop is stuck on the ground, must wait for the ground dry solid to walk on surface of the brick or other hutch is defended decorate a project.

check after 14 floor, ceramic tile, if found free drum place best is a place where there will be a problem to repair shop.

15, metope punch to note, best while drilling in the drilling of local water for cooling treatment, prevent due to ceramic tile short time severe local temperature change and make the ceramic tile.

16, wall perforation must check whether free drum, check the remaining in the water and electricity transformation pipeline map at the same time, don't hit the line above.

choose the ceramic tile that the kitchen USES, and sitting room or bathroom tiles should be different. Before choosing kitchen brick, should be chosen cabinets and matching condole top, according to the style and color to buy ceramic tile, and should try to buy enough, in order to avoid the product batch is different and appear off color. What are the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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