What are the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-17

in the kitchen is decorated in, the choice of materials is crucial, the lampblack of the kitchen is heavy, easy to damp, so taller also to the requirements of decoration materials. In the face of numerous decoration materials, including ceramic tile can be said to be the kitchen is decorated in the most ideal material. Ceramic tile is not only species is numerous, the wide range of options available to consumers, but also has excellent properties such as waterproof, prevent slippery and flame retardant, so you can better meet the use safety of the kitchen. So, what methods of kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy?

1, the color of kitchen ceramic tile shoulds not be too shenzhen on the color of ceramic tile lets a person too many things to see, and for the kitchen, because of the cooking temperature is higher, in order to avoid let a person feel depressive and anxiety, the color of kitchen ceramic tile is the best choose cool color and light color department, such as white, light blue, light grey, etc is very good choice. Not only can make the person's mood cheerful, easy, and can also create a more relaxed and clean cooking environment. In addition, the kitchen area is generally not too big, so choose the ceramic tile that light color fastens can also carry bright space effect, let a kitchen appear more capacious and connect fully.

2, the size of the kitchen ceramic tile is shoulds not be too big

now house prices only rise not fall, so the family kitchen area are generally smaller, in order to make the whole space adornment effect more coordination. When choosing the kitchen ceramic tile size, is the best choice of medium and small sizes of, on the one hand can have the effect of outspread vision, make the whole kitchen looks more open; On the other hand, also can reduce the loss of ceramic tile, saving the cost. And if you choose the ceramic tile of large size, when decorate, also need to be cut, aeriform in, increasing the difficulty of decoration.

3, floor tile of wall of the kitchen is unfavorable to mix

as we have learned, wall brick and floor tile of physical properties are not the same, so when choosing the kitchen ceramic tile, be sure not to confuse wall brick and floor tile, so as not to cause inconvenience to the late life. Floor tile bibulous rate is low, so is suitable for shop floor in the kitchen, if the floor tile shop is on the wall in the kitchen, can lead to can't shop is stuck firm, effect when using the effect and safety. The wall brick of high moisture content, if the wall brick shop is stuck in the kitchen on the ground, because the meeting is bibulous too much and increase the difficulty of cleaning. The kitchen of water vapor is bigger, is easy to damp, so wall brick should choose good moistureproof effect, such as glazed tile; While the floor tile should choose waterproof non-slip effect is good.

4, kitchen should choose good clean ceramic tile

when cooking in the kitchen, will produce a large number of lampblack, so is the heaviest pollution place in the home, compared with other space, clean clean more trouble. Therefore, when choosing the kitchen ceramic tile, it is best to choose good fouling resistance and easy to clean. , the many kinds of ceramic tile on the market, from the point of view of clean, had better not choose Mosaic, because of the Mosaic of each block area is smaller, after the shop is stuck, can form many cracks, the crack easy to shelter evil people and practices, bacterium, therefore, not only greatly increase the difficulty of cleaning, but also not conducive to improve your family's health diet.

5, choice of kitchen ceramic tile should prevent slippery effect good

in the whole household environment, kitchen and toilet, is water vapor is larger and easy to damp, therefore, in order to improve the security of family use, suggest that we must choose to prevent slippery ceramic tile with good effect, such as not glazed ceramic tile is very good choice, this kind of ceramic tile quality of a material is solid, and prevent slippery, wear-resisting effect is good, very suitable for use in the kitchen.

what are the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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