What are the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-17

is the key of the house in decorating a kitchen, for the sake of the kitchen clean and beautiful, the majority of people on the ground of the kitchen and wall can affix ceramic tile, but how should choose kitchen ceramic tile is also a problem, our small below will introduce the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy what method is there?

1, the wet kitchen with or without natural stone material ground suggested that as far as possible, while the stone material is durable, luxuriant and beautiful, but natural stone material is not waterproof, water splashed down in the ground for a long time will deepen the color of the stone material, become a difference. If a large area will be slippery in wet, easy to fall.

2, at present in the kitchen with more material or prevent slippery ceramic tile and brick, economical and practical. Remind, when decorating a kitchen to choose material moistureproof function should be fully considered. Ground in the kitchen with oily be soiled, can use general cleaners and wire scrubbing, won't produce any tiny scratches on the ground or dirty.

choose advice to choose white 3, kitchen, the kitchen is the place that people's cooking, is also part of the family meal when place, if the color of ceramic tile is too dark, can make the person produces visual exhaustion. Easy to cause people loss of appetite. So the kitchen ceramic tile color can choose white, white can better understand to your kitchen health condition, so that timely clean, also can avoid the noxious gas in the kitchen and soot accumulation damage people's health for a long time.

what are the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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