What are the kitchen ceramic tile choice method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-19

the market at present there are many kinds of ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of different its performance characteristics are different, the choose and buy must be carefully chosen when decorating a kitchen, need to be considered to have many, such as the size of ceramic tile, performance and color, etc. , at the same time considering the beautiful sex of integral household, but also choose the ceramic tile and home decorate a style to match. So the kitchen ceramic tile choice method have?

the kitchen ceramic tile is the performance of the selected

the main functions of the kitchen are used for cooking gourmet food, given Chinese people's eating habits, cook lampblack is very big, even with the smoke lampblack machine, will remain some on the wall ground of the kitchen lampblack, in order to facilitate the daily cleaning, when ceramic tile of choose and buy must take into account the performance characteristic, for example, should choose to prevent slippery ceramic tile, wear-resisting, easy to clean and so on performance. In addition, the kitchen metope also needs to shop sticks ceramic tile, wall brick should pay attention to when the humidity resistance of ceramic tile of choose and buy, also is the problem such as the water absorption of ceramic tile. If ceramic tile bibulous rate is high, not only the daily clean very troublesome, time for a long time there will be ceramic tile is falling off. Of course, both the kitchen floor tile and wall brick, when buy should be concerned about the quality of ceramic tile. When the choose and buy can tapping the ceramic tile with the hand, if the sound is ringing showed that the ceramic tile of good quality. Suggest you'd better buy the ceramic tile of brand, quality assured, use more secure.

the size of the kitchen ceramic tile to choose

buy now in the majority of small family house, down to every space in the area is not large, so is the kitchen. Considering the kitchen space is not large, in order to avoid the waste materials, decoration construction when choosing ceramic tile is the best choice of small size, construction when there is no need to cut, also won't waste ceramic tile, saving cost. In addition, from the point of the kitchen decorate on aesthetic, small size ceramic tile will be more delicate, the shop is stuck up overall will be very beautiful, don't give a person a kind of harmony. Usually, most of the family kitchen wall brick size was very suitable for 30 cm * 45 cm. Needed, of course, specific to your kitchen the size of ceramic tile, but also according to kitchen area size to determine.

the style of kitchen ceramic tile choose

a family to decorate a style, the same ceramic tile also is such. Different color will have different style ceramic tile design, when the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy, must take into account the overall style collocation, ensure style collocation can be coordinated. Such as the popular contemporary and contracted style, can choose the ceramic tile designs contracted; If it is rural style kitchen to decorate, can choose small clear pattern and color of ceramic tile. In addition, had better not use waist line when decorate. Because kitchen area is too small, using the waist line design can appear space more messy, complicated. Want to decorate the beautiful kitchen, can undertake special collage to ceramic tile, also show different amorous feelings.

the kitchen ceramic tile color choose

for most families, the space of the kitchen is not big, in order to make the kitchen when decorate appear more capacious and bright, had better choose the ceramic tile that light color fastens, because light color attune can produce a feeling of stretching, let vision appears kitchen space is more capacious, such as white, light green, light gray color is very good, is also very common in our daily life. But there are some people who like slants cold tonal, if use in the kitchen, let alone narrow kitchen appear more small, easy to let a person produce depressive feeling, time is long is not good for family health also. If you choose the ceramic tile that light color fastens, also considering the dirty degree of resistance of ceramic tile, convenient to clean can clean every day.

what are the kitchen ceramic tile selection method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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