What are the glass Mosaic tile shop sticks method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-01

Mosaic tiles believe everybody heard, and glass Mosaic tiles may be someone heard, but don't know, today he said a lower post method, then the glass Mosaic tile shop sticks method have?

1。 Prepare tools: ceramic tile adhesive, neutral paste agent ( Use ceramic tile seam filling agent combined type) , scraper, caulking tools gear, basin, water, clean cloth. ( Note before the Mosaic shop can't bubble water)

2。 Check material: pay attention to the packing of the products, such as type, area, color data. The dosage of the first volume of a Mosaic, and then according to the situation of the building, and cut out the number of pieces and bar. ( Mosaic can be cut)

3。 Stirred up ceramic tile adhesive: first to calculate the area of the building, in the amount of calculation you use normal ceramic tile adhesive, covering the area of consumption on the basis of the condition of the engineering is different. ( The less base level, the more level off, the dosage of sizing agent)

4。 Foundations: metope is important when batch swings, the basis of the neutral paste with tooth scraper agent and white cement batch swings the walls to level off. Lay the base, and ensure that appropriate between 5 degrees Celsius to 39 degrees Celsius. Sweep across the wall surface must be smooth and consistent color.

5。 The shop is stuck: if Mosaic is bottom with network, can be directly applied to have been painted with neutral adhesives on the wall or on the ground, the Mosaic in the shop is stuck. ( Pay attention to each and every piece of clearance must be consistent alignment)

6。 To ensure a uniform spacing, the clearance between the Mosaic and Mosaic consistent spacing must be determined, this is in the process of brick Mosaic is a process need patience, but it is one of the more important tache in the shop is stuck, the shop is stuck not likely to affect the overall effect.

7。 Reinforcement: after each stick the Mosaic, with a caulking tools strong pressure, ensure uniform every place of the compaction and fully with adhesive glue, every Mosaic paste must wait for the surface dry solid to next step.

8。 Fiddling caulking agent: first calculations required construction area, when calculating the required gap filling agent. Caulking agent pour the water slowly and carefully until evenly without sand.

9。 Caulking: with caulking tools will be filled seam an agent group on the Mosaic, evenly coated on the surface of the Mosaic, caulking tools to move diagonally, from bottom to top, from top to bottom, to ensure that all the caulking agent can completely fill and there is no redundant residue, Mosaic gap must full fill or easy to accumulate dust, clean difficulties in the future. ( Prompt joint setting strength of 28 days, so in the meantime, please avoid using easy dirt)

10。 Cleaning: after caulking agent dry (about 1 hour The time required for reference only, specific time according to the days of temperature calculation) Began to clean the surface of the Mosaic, prepare a bucket of clean water, use towel or soft wipe away the Mosaic surface excess gap filling agent, after again until after the clean surface with a towel.

11。 Daily cleaning: daily can wipe the Mosaic with water as a daily cleaning, if in certain cases encountered stubborn stains stone cleaner, but please pay attention to cleaning must be conducted with plenty of water after cleaning. What are glass Mosaic tiles paving method is introduced here, if you want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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