What are the four kinds of common ceramic tile species

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-08

what are four kinds of common types of ceramic tile, choose brick before to understand the kinds of ceramic tile, ceramic tile points a lot of kinds, has the following four categories, the most commonly used one by one to introduce below.

1, the polishing brick

features: smooth surface, hard and wear-resistant. But easy to dirty, non-slip performance is not very good for space: in addition to outside the bathroom, kitchen, make floor tile is not recommended.

polishing brick is connect body to the surface of the tile body through grinding/polishing processing and become a kind of shining brick, belong to the brick of a kind. Is relative to connect body brick and character, polishing brick surface is much more bright and clean.

polishing brick is hard wear-resisting, suitable for in addition to the most and interior space beyond closet, kitchen. On the basis of the USES ooze to spend a technology, polishing brick is ok make result of wood of all sorts of copy stone, copy. Polishing brick is easy dirty, non-slip performance is not very good.

2, bo changes a brick

characteristics: high density is more hard, smooth surface, stain resistant, high wear resistance.

apply space: sitting room, dining-room

bo changes a brick is a kind of high temperature ceramic brick, is one of the most hard all ceramic tile. Bo changes a brick technology demand higher than polishing brick. Pressure machine is better, can suppress the higher density, firing temperature is higher, can achieve fully vitrified.

bo changes a brick is strengthened polishing brick. The surface is not need polishing processing, it is very bright. Can be more resistant to dirty. Polishing brick and bo changes a brick is beautiful, but bo changes a brick high resistance to wear, is commonly used in the living room.

3, glazed tile

characteristics: rich color pattern, non-slip performance is good, wear-resisting performance is slightly worse.

apply space: kitchen, toilet

glazed tile is in the body and glaze the surface. The main body and cent two kinds of pottery and porcelain body. Clay fired on the back of the red, the back of the porcelain clay fire are pale.

glazed tile surface can do all sorts of design and decorative pattern. Than polishing brick more rich color and pattern. Because the surface is glaze, so wear resistance than polishing brick and bo changes a brick. Glazed tile the differential in addition to the size of the bibulous rate.

generally good brick press, high density, high firing temperature, bibulous rate is small. Glazed pottery is commonly used in kitchen and bathroom. Rich color pattern, non-slip performance is good.

4, Mosaic

characteristics: strong resistance to pressure, invulnerability to breakage and colour diversity, wide range of USES.

apply space: bathroom, kitchen, wall, swimming pool Mosaic tiles is one of the ground and metope adornment decorate building materials used. Mosaic is delicate and cabinet, colour and lustre is diversiform, can be used to spell out all sorts of beautiful design, to the adornment of metope and ground effect is far more than the ordinary wall brick and floor tile.

there are many different kinds of Mosaic, specifications, thin and small, hard, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, no water seepage, stress is strong, invulnerability to breakage and color is diversiform, wide range of USES. What are four kinds of common types of ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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