What are the common ceramic tile shop sticks method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-08

every household has a ceramic tile, and we will find some shop sticks ceramic tile is very neat, but some problems, is this why? Most of the time is the shop is stuck right way, we below small make up what methods will introduce common shop sticks ceramic tile?

。 Alignment post method is one of the most energy, the vertical alignment, the ceramic tile of choose two size of white with black aperture, whole looks clean and simple but elegant. This law has fire to all kinds of small and pure and fresh milk tea shop, restaurant, you can refer to the case of too much, did not go into here. b。 Staggered post an updated version of alignment, widely used Yu Xiaobai brick, if have to worry about missing family with small white brick as large canteen of the 80 s, with this method can solve this problem. Midway through aligned on each floor tile and ceramic tile, aperture staggered, such technique change the direction of vertical can also, can have different effect. White ceramic tile deserves to go up this black seam an agent, moments that make this wall spotlighting the indecent. c。 Herringbone stick bevel 45 & deg; The method, the metope of the ink black very elegant on collocation, again by a little bit brassy ornament, the kitchen is absolutely beautiful. , of course, this kind of method of industry waste scrap, so general advice only stick a wall or a small ornament. If the stick? Master bricklayer should give you Mr. SIMS. d。 Hive to stick on the choice of tile in addition to the above, there is a very common method, is to choose a geometry model of ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of the pictures is very rich, relative to the conventional type white brick is pretty much. What are the common shop sticks ceramic tile method is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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