Vitrified tile selected method is what

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-04

there are many kinds of decoration materials in the society now, bo changes a brick is most common among them, as well as consumers prefer a material. Small make up recently received a lot of bo changes a brick technique problem of choose and buy, in order to be able to provide better help to you, our small below will introduce vitrified tile pick what is method?

1, the need to select brands: bo changes a brick from the surface is nothing if not big difference, but the inherent quality difference is very big, when choose a bo changes a brick brand is very important, brand product quality is guaranteed. In general professional bo changes a brick manufacturers products are processed by multiple processes, product quality is guaranteed. 2, need to choose varieties: for bo changes a brick, a brand has a lot of kinds of products, from different series products material technology is different, nature price is also different. For a family to decorate, bo changes a brick selection we need according to the family decorates a style to decide. 3, see appearance: bo changes a brick when the choose and buy needs to watch the bo changes a brick surface, good bo changes a brick surface is no splash, defects, etc. , and regular product also has detailed product trademark tag. 4, ok weight: ok for bo changes a brick of choose and buy the choose and buy of weight is also a very effective technique, quality better bo changes a brick relative to the weight is heavy, feel is good. And quality more bad of the bo changes a brick is very light touch. 5, distinguishes the sound, listen to the sound and identify the key to product quality, in the bo changes a brick when if a knock is ringing, the sound of the long, explain product abrasion resistance, bibulous rate is good, if the voice is low, the product quality is not good. 6, measurement error, measuring error for bo changes a brick of choose and buy is a very effective method. Bo changes a brick generally side length error of less than 1 mm for the best, if it is too big shows that the quality of the product is unqualified. We can be judged by measuring the diagonal dimension products if there were any error. Vitrified tile pick what is method is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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