Villa wall ceramic tile is how to choose and buy the best

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-08

is the first choice for general rich villa house living, but villa choosing ceramic tile is a more exquisite thing, if you are in the villa when choosing a ceramic tile is suitable, so the overall effect is improved more than one class, this small make up to introduce villa wall ceramic tile to choose which is better, I hope it can help you!

1, the villa, the outer walls of the ceramic tile of choose and buy

villa exterior wall tiles must pay attention to size to choose, don't choose too big night does not choose too small, generally villa rich variety of the size of the outer wall of ceramic tile, ceramic tile size and villa, different size of the integral style of the building is not the same. Especially the size of ceramic tile, or will the be fond of according to people, villa building is a holistic, after all. The main size 25 * 25 mm, 45 * 45 mm, 45, 95 * 95 mm, 100 * 145 mm * 100 mm, 45, 100 * 200 mm * 195 mm, 50, 60, 200 * 240 mm * 200 mm * 400 mm, and so on several kinds, size are according to the actual demand.

about villa tile size, here are a few reference standards, one is the Nobel models of ceramic tile, size is 150 - 150, although the size is small, but the overall effect is good. Another is the champion of ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of the brand mainly has 800 * 800 mm, the size of the atmosphere. And the ceramic tile of lens, also is give priority to with this model.

2, ceramic tile according to decorate a style to determine the size of choose and buy

now villa decoration, all without exception is the use of the ceramic tile, so the villa tile size is one of the important indicators. The ceramic tile of different size, the style of the building, it is not the same, for example in larger size ceramic tile, it revealed that the manner of a kind of fashion atmosphere, smaller size, giving people the kind of feeling is classical and gentle, so choose according to his be fond of.

3, choice of the brand and the price of ceramic tile

although can live in villa conditions generally will not too bad, but, after all, still need to make good budget must be good money first before buying ceramic tile, otherwise it is difficult to grasp in a controllable scope.

this is this issue about villa wall ceramic tile of choose and buy needs to pay attention to some related contents of introduction, if you find this article helpful to you, please continue to pay attention to our website! Finally thank you for watching!

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