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by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-07

in general, the villa in the sense that gives a person is tall, so when decorating villa a lot of people think much more special attention should be paid to the items, this small make up just to tell me about the villa tile with simple link, the hope can let you have more inspiration when decorate!

1。 The first is the sitting room of the villa tile color collocation, because the sitting room environment is less affected by temperature, pollution, is relatively good environment, to the material of functional requirements of ceramic tile itself is not very high, only need to pay attention to is to choose the light, individual be fond of according to the sitting room the design and color of concrete. Chunks of ochre or terracotta bo changes a brick shop is sitting room and dining-room is easy to realize rural style is cheerful and comfortable. Floor tile and stone or dark blue gray, the room can look more special, more modern and more natural.

2。 Villa of the ceramic tile of toilet is more exquisite, must first make sure are safe, because toilet is relatively wet, so the antiskid performance of ceramic tile should be given priority, walk into a bright and clean bathroom, can make people relaxed and happy mood, so the overall color of the bathroom should be bright and pure and fresh. And single pure color is easy to visual fatigue, this time will need to be appropriate to join other colour, in order to reconcile the emotional appeal of the space, this is one of the present mainstream colour collocation method. Thematic wall design between wei yu also arises at the historic moment.

3。 Villa kitchen ceramic tile is also more demand, to highlight the kitchen space changes, the effect of brunet ceramic tile is no longer the only choice. When the kitchen is generally small, light color ceramic tile is more conducive to expand the field of vision, and the color can make a person under the condition of high temperature to feel the breath of spring and cold, kill two birds with one stone of it. Some family is together to the sitting room and kitchen, the ceramic tile color selection will be cautious, had better choose the same kind of color, also can choose contrasting colors, but generally not more than three colors, if too many colors mix together will appear very in fancy, very unnatural.

this is this issue about the villa tile some related techniques and to introduce the color choice, want to know more related content related to the interior decoration of ceramic tile welcome to continue to pay attention to our our website! Here are the most authoritative information, welcome to inquiry, finally thank you for watching!

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