U put ceramic tile Angle bead

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Yang Angle is formed by two sides wall in the house out Angle, in the decoration is almost inevitable. But often hear people say soon house decorate ceramic tile edge crack is broken, very collapse. Believe this situation a lot of people will meet, and Yang Angle of the shop is stuck, is indeed a ceramic tile construction the epicenter of the accident.

this article will dig Angle of Yang's handling of ceramic tile, the thorough settlement of this. This article for you to solve the following problems:

1, the ceramic tile chamfer should be how to implement?

2, in addition to the chamfering what solution?

3, convergent methods advantages and disadvantages of common ceramic tile analysis

01. Ceramic tile chamfering implementation

when the shop is stuck metope ceramic tile, met Yang Angle, in order to make ceramic tile Yang Angle joint more closely, more beautiful, the most common way is & quot; Chamfering & quot; , divided into dense Angle and haitang Angle.

1, close to spell Angle

grinding ceramic tile edge neatly out of a 45 degree Angle, then joining together, leaving no gap between ceramic tile, or very small gap. But the expansion coefficient of ceramic tile is far smaller than the reinforced concrete, when a heat bilges cold shrink, if there is no gap is too small, or seam and ceramic tile inflation too slow, can produce cracking phenomenon.

delta close to spell figure angular node

2, Chinese flowering crabapple Angle

by grinding ceramic tile edge mouth into a 45 degree Angle, but not will reserve a certain side edge grinding, increase the side port area, can alleviate the side mouth side damage phenomenon, but can cause side mouth exposed, affect beautiful.

delta haitang figure angular node

02. , ceramic tile Yang Angle special handling

1, the article USES Yang Angle

article Yang Angle from a shape point of view, a circular arc and U two; Look from the material, stainless steel, ceramics, aluminum alloy. On the market at present is u-shaped stainless steel used Yang Angle bar. This article Yang Angle is embedded in the inside of the ceramic tile, not easy to fall off.

delta Angle of circular arc Yang article

delta U Yang Angle bead

the advantages of Yang Angle bead

a, convenient installation, easier then also save money. Used as help Yang Yang Angle line Angle fitted with a protective sleeve, cost is low, the teacher only need three nail can good Yang horn line position, and ceramic tile butt don't need another edge grinding processing.

b, rich colors, styles, stereoscopic effect. Now, Yang horn line design more and more choice, imitation stone, imitation, cloth, use effect of the Yang horn line out more stereo, also can through the contrasting colors, make metope texture effect is more outstanding.

c, safe, and better protect the corner. Installation method

a, the horny line with three nail fixed installation place make ceramic tile horn line parallel to the wall flat now.

b, Yang angle-angle wire fixed, reserve a corner to the other side of the need when shop sticks ceramic tile and ceramic tile horn line connecting the thickness of the ceramic tile used the same space.

c, ceramic tile adhesive, or Angle of cement in the ceramic tile shop online, affix ceramic tile, keep the horny line of circular arc surface and ceramic tile ceramic tile juncture.

d, spread the other side of the ceramic tile, ceramic tile on tight Angle line, keep in contact with the ceramic tile Angle lines smooth, seamless.

e, floor tile, ceramic tile Angle of line and arc surface clean, installation is complete.

2, article kok

according to the material can be divided into: metal article kok, PVC plastic article kok, winged Angle bead, wingless protect horn.

article kok advantages

a, kok article has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti aging, good adhesion, and combine the advantages of ceramic tile, greatly enhance the corner impact resistance, the corner of the long and beautiful without being damaged.

b, construction is convenient. Can be used as the synchronization of the principal part of the project construction, without using the guiding rule in the process of plate, easy to operate, construction efficiency is generally 2 - 5 times.

c, kok article relatively cheap price, save construction cost.

bead installation method

a, handle the metope in advance. Metope according to need to be marked, with 2 mm thick two-sided glue on both ends of the back corner protector, push against the wall with the registration mark, let a good contact with double-sided adhesive metope, can let it go.

bead surface can't stick the transparent tape or crepe paper and adhesive material, and the paint on the surface of the reaction, lose luster or paint.

b, pay attention to the line of control and treatment.

c, fixed Angle. To protect horn against on the corner, for horizontal or vertical, then spilled water leveling mortar; After dry fixed relying on the corner at the top of the flat, batch of scraping a layer of putty leveling again can.

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